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Language: Spanish
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Mijas

Mijas is a wonderful white village located in Malaga, Andalusia, and the small territory of the village lies in the central part of Solar Coast, Spain. Once you enter the village, you’ll understand why it is called “white city”, the walls of all buildings are painted white and together with the picturesque landscape it creates an unforgettable picture.

The Mijas’ guests are amazed by the view of the surrounding mountains and seashores, as well as by the traditions preserved along the years and even today it is possible to rent a buro-taxi for a journey on the paved narrow streets of the city.  

The origin of Mijas dates back to the ancient times, up to Iberian tribes and it is reflected in the historical landmarks of the city. Like many small and cozy villages of Andalusia, Mijas is proud of its beautiful churches and interesting museums that reveal its history, also here is located a hippodrome and an arena for corrida. 

The atmosphere of Mijas is opposite to the bustling touristic cities, people that come here are trying to escape from the noise of big cities and they can find here the harmony they are looking for. Here you can taste traditional andalusian cuisine prepared by the hospitable locals.

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