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Private guides in Lithuania

Private Guide in Vilnius

Private Guide in Vilnius - Giedrius

(Member Since 2006) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Vilnius, Kaunas, Nida, Siauliai, Trakai Languages: English, German

Hello, I'm the tourist guide in Lithuania - Giedrius. I'm also a private driver guide in Lithuania! I will do everything the best for You to have a fantastic sightseeing Lithuania with me! I would show you my best tours like 'Vilnius oldtown guided tour', 'Kaunas oldtown guided tour', 'Tour to Curronian Spit' and others.

Private Guide in Vilnius

Private Guide in Vilnius - Henk Gudaitas

(Member Since 2011) Languages: Dutch (Nederlands), English, Vlaams

Born in The Netherlands I now live in the lovely city of Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. I show the city not only from a Lithuanian, but also from an international view. My tours are tailor-made and show you places in Vilnius no one showed you before, including tours to Uzupis, the Television Tower and Trakai. Al tours are by foot or by public transport, an experience on its own !

Private Guide in Vilnius

Private Guide in Vilnius - Marius

(Member Since 2013) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Kaunas, Vilnius, Nida, Siauliai, Trakai, Plateliai Languages: Lithuanian,english,russian.(german and french available)

I am a certified an experienced guide,speaking fluently English and Russian languages intelligent sociable person ,enthusiastic and open-minded.

Private guides in Lithuania


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Capital: Vilnius
Language: Lithuanian
Currency: Litas (LTL)
Guide Licensing Information


The Republic of Lithuania is sandwiched between Latvia and Poland on the southeastern shores of the Baltic Sea with approximately 99 km of sandy coastline, and also shares an inland border with Belarus. There are a great many lakes in Lithuania, as well as forests and wetlands, in a climate that is wet but mild in winter and hot and dry in summer.

An interesting fact about Lithuania is that the geographical center of Europe is located within its boundaries, about 26 km north of the capital city, Vilnius, and is marked with a monument commemorating the spot. 

Vilnius itself also offers quite several interesting tourist attractions and an Old Town that features beautiful architecture and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Vilnius Cathedral and St. Anne’s Church are two outstanding examples of intricate Lithuanian architecture and beautiful places to visit while touring the capital city. 

Many visitors also enjoy touring the Palace of the Grand Dukes in Vilnius, which is a Lithuanian National Museum. The Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania is another interesting place to while away an afternoon, as is the Amber Museum and Gallery. 

The Curonian Lagoon near the seaport of Klaipeda is one of Lithuania’s most beautiful naturally scenic wonders featuring a sixty-mile stretch of golden sand dunes where amber has washed up for centuries.

Private Guide in Vilnius

Private Guide in Vilnius - Olga Gric

(Member Since 2015) Languages: English

Guiding in Vilnius is my NEVER-ENDING PASSION. Born in Vilnius, I feel I hear its hearbeat, it seems, I know its every building, every courtyard, every hidden place, all its secrets; but every time walking along its winding cobblestone streets there round the corner you find some new, still unseen part of the city and together with it live its unique life.

Private Guide in Vilnius

Private Guide in Vilnius - Marius

(Member Since 2006) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Vilnius

Marius - your private guide in Lithuania! Professional guide will show you all the best and famous sites of the Lithuanian capital city Vilnius. You will be inspired by the beauty and diversity of the biggest barock city in the eastern Europe, the city of hundred churches.

Private Guide in Vilnius

Private Guide in Vilnius - Rima Cepurniene

(Member Since 2011) Languages: English, Russian, German, Polish

Dear guests! I am a qualified tour leader and professional cities of Lithuania guide (both government licensed). I deal both with private tours for individuals or family groups and larger groups as well.

Private Guide in Vilnius

Private Guide in Vilnius - Agneta

(Member Since 2014) Languages: English, German, Russian

When I was 6 years old, my dad used to take me to Vilnius Old town and show most impressive buildings, tell incredible stories about famous historical people, who lived here once. Every weekend I was visiting the same city but in different centuries. We were exploring the secrets, western&eastern, bright&dark sides of a city, where three generations of my family were raised up.

Private Guide in Klaipeda

Private Guide in Klaipeda - Greta

(Member Since 2011) Languages: spanish, english, russian

My name is Greta. I am Lithuanian, 26 years old and have university education. My main job is teaching of geography at school. So all summer time I am spending working with tourists. I specialize in west part of Lithuania, amber road tours in cities like Klaipeda, Palanga, Curonian spit.

Private Guide in Vilnius

Private Guide in Vilnius - Marius Bernatonis

(Member Since 2011) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Vilnius Languages: English, German, Russian

I am a licensed private guide in the city of Vilnius and other Lithuanian towns. I am leading private tours for individuals or family groups and bigger tourist groups as well. I am doing walking tours, driving...

Private Guide in Klaipeda

Private Guide in Klaipeda - Mindaugas Jucius

(Member Since 2014) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Vilnius, Kaunas, Trakai, Siauliai, Klaipeda, Palanga, Plateliai, Nida, Kernave Languages: English, German, Russian

Greetings from Lithuania! I am Mindaugas Jucius and would like to introduce myself as a licensed private guide and driver in Lithuania. I have graduated “Tourism and Hotel management” worked for a while in tourism industry, so if you need a private guide to show and tell the best of Lithuania, I am the right person you looking for. I always try to be more then a guide, to became a friend of yours and show my motherland in different, interesting and most beautiful way.

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Guide Licensing Information for Lithuania


Guides working in Lithuania and conducting tours to national, historic, cultural or artistic landmarks are obliged to carry a valid license all the time when rendering their services. The most popular areas around the countries usually have special workers, who check all guides for licenses, so it’s rather hard to render one’s services as a wild tour guide. However, tours that do not picture the country’s historic or cultural heritage, such as shopping or nightclub tours do not require a valid tour guide license.

The license can be obtained from the Lithuanian State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy. The institution will only review the applications of local citizens, EU citizens and applicants with working permits of legal age, who can provide a certificate or diploma of an authorized tourist guide school. The school trains students in local history, culture, arts and methods used for conducting high quality tours and excursions.

Guides are required to be fluent in Lithuanian and speak at least one foreign language to be able to conduct tours. Completing the courses doesn’t guarantee automatic licensing as it is only possible after passing the official state exam.


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Labas, Giedrius! I see that you make a tour of the old town, do you specially stop at the Vilnius University? I didn't have a chance to visit it properly on my previous journeys, and would definitely love to visit the tower of the University as well. Thanks in advance for the ...
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