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Population: 415700
Language: Lithuanian
Currency: Litas (LTL)

Information about Kaunas


The city of Kaunas grew up in the 10th century around the meeting place of the two biggest rivers in Lithuania, Neris and Nemunas. In modern times it has become the 2nd most populated city in Lithuania, even though half of its area is occupied by nature reserves, parks, groves and gardens. Kaunas’ warm, humid climate allows places like the Botanical Gardens to flourish and welcomes visitors to enjoy strolling past the linden trees along Liberty Avenue.  

Because of the city’s long history, there are centuries’ worth of varied architectural landmarks in evidence, from Byzantine to Baroque and from Napoleanic to modern day engineering. Some of the most important sites to visit include some amazing churches: St. Gertrude Church, St. George’s Church, Vytautas Church and the Pazaislis Abbey.

Kaunas Castle and Kaunas Fortress are impressive, but the favorite sight for young visitors is the spectacular aquarium in the Mega Shopping Mall.


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