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Answers about Lithuania

Hi Giedruis
I hope you and your family are well during this very strange time.

I am interested in visiting your city to learn about the place and people in general.

Is this something you can help me with? I will travel when it starts to warm in 2022.

Karl 9/2/2021
Private Guide in Vilnius
Giedrius (Private Guide in Vilnius) 9/3/2021:
Hello Karl,
Yes we are working with tours, slowly, but working. When you will know exact dates of your planned trip, i will be glad to welcome you.
My warmest wishes
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Would you be a driver from Vilnius to Hills of the crosses
Dan 1/11/2019
Private Guide in Vilnius
Giedrius (Private Guide in Vilnius) 1/12/2019:
Hello, yes i can offer a tour to the Hill of Crosses, which can be combined with Rundale palace in Latvia, or sacred sites in Lithuania.
My best regards and wishes Giedrius Cyras
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Labas, Giedrius!

I see that you make a tour of the old town, do you specially stop at the Vilnius University? I didn't have a chance to visit it properly on my previous journeys, and would definitely love to visit the tower of the University as well.

Thanks in advance for the answer!
Irina 5/2/2017
Private Guide in Vilnius
Giedrius (Private Guide in Vilnius) 5/2/2017:
Yes, we do visit a bell tower of university. Its open from 15th of April 2017 till end of September.
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Do you know of a good geneologist in Lith. I am planning a trip there this summer . I would like records so I can possibly visit places near Alytus where my family would come from.
Jane 2/2/2017
Private Guide in Vilnius
Giedrius (Private Guide in Vilnius) 2/3/2017:
personally i do work with a archives and family routes, if its Jewish or Lithuanian. With Jewish archives its little more complicated, but its worth to try.
Giedrius Cyras
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Hi. Sorry, I don't have a date but this system wouldn't let me leave a question without a date. I am looking for a Marius Bernatonis that we did a private tour with in 2007. The tour was of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. He had a tour company but we were traveling out of season and had a private tour instead. I have acquaintances that are interested in doing the same thing. Are you the same person? If so, can you tell me the name of the company you had? And if you still do tours like this? Thanks! Joy Lohse
Joy 11/18/2014
Private Guide in Vilnius
Marius (Private Guide in Vilnius) 11/18/2014:
The person and agency that you are looking for has already bankrupted but i do want you my services.
My name is Marius Galadauskas-i'm a certified and high ranked private guide in Lithuania and Baltic States.I do organize tours for private guests -detailed info about me and my services as well as testimonials from my customers you can find in my website
I have a hughe experience in such tours.
I can plan all the tour program-help with the hotels and etc.
How many people would like to attend the tour and posible date of the tour.
And i will send all the info.
Marius Galadauskas
Private guide
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We are keen to see Trakai while we spend a few days in Vilnius. Have seen your website which says no transportation. So .... do you meet clients in Trakai or travel with them on the bus/train? Also we know that there is much else to see in Trakai apart from the castle. Would there be time to do this?
Angela 10/14/2014
Private Guide in Vilnius
Giedrius (Private Guide in Vilnius) 10/14/2014:
Hello, i do pick up my clients in any Vilnius hotel, and bring them with my car to Trakai. In Trakai there are 2 castles, Caraite museum, 19th century nobel mansion on oposite site of the castle. If you will be interestes in any of my services, please feel free to contact me.
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