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Italy's 6 Top Food Markets

From north to south, Italy’s cuisine is delicious and somewhat different from region to region. And where can all these foods be found? The markets. 

Italian food markets have some of the freshest, most delicious, and affordable foods you can find. High-end restaurant chefs make trips to these local markets early each morning to ensure their customers get the best cuts and selections of fresh food from sea and the land. Now with a little insight, you can too.

1.Mercato Coperto 
Modena, Italy  

While not the largest, this indoor market has two floors. The ground floor is full of ripe vegetables, meats, and breads. You will find figs, pastas, and delightful balsamic vinegars. The second floor sells a variety of household goods for vacationers and locals alike. 

Mercato Coperto Food Market

2. La Vucciria
Palermo, Italy 

In this older part of Palermo, a local food market has existed for many years. The eclectic style and culture of Middle-Eastern locals have infused the area with excitement. Musicians and singers perform on side streets and in corners while cooking foods permeate the air. An assortment of meat and vegetables from local farms and fishermen are available, including fish, shrimp, fruits, and local seasonings. 

La Vucciria Food Market

3. Rialto 
Venice, Italy 

From 7 to 2, restaurants in Venice come to Rialto’s covered market to get the freshest catch of the day. Musicians perform as locals pass by, sampling the assorted foods. Early mornings are the busiest time and will get you the best catch available. However, the market is not open on Sundays or Mondays. 

Rialto Fish Market

4. Campo dei Fiori
Rome, Italy 

Campo dei Fiori is open from 7 to 1. Historic buildings from medieval times and corner cafes surround the market, giving it a unique feel. The best produce, meat, seafood, and even flowers can be found here Monday through Saturday mornings. 

Flowers Market in Rome

5. Pignasecca
Naples, Italy 

The oldest outdoor food market in Naples is frequented primarily by locals. Along the narrow streets each morning into early afternoon, you will find affordable fresh fruit and vegetables in addition to pastries, cheeses, and assorted breads. 

Pignasecca Naples, Italy

6. Sant’Ambrogio
Florence, Italy 

Popular with locals in this old residential area, the Sant’Ambrogio food market offers fresh produce, breads, and cheeses from local farms and surrounding countries. In addition, meat, fish, clothing, and even housewares are available. Open every day but Sunday, most people arrive early for the best cuts and selection. Unlike many markets, Sant’Ambrogio is open until late on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Food Market in Florence, Italy

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Article author: Weston Kincade

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