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Cinzia - Private Guide in Venice

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I'm an official tour guide in Venice, Italy

I graduated Summa cum Laudem from the University of Venice with a degree in History and I'm specialized on Venetian and Byzantine Art and History

I lived in the United States for two years and spent time in California, Texas and Florida. Since 1979 I have worked in the tourist industry as an interpreter, tour leader and travel agent. In 2000 I obtained my qualification of Certified Guide in Venice. I love travelling and local cuisine, the sea, nature, animals, and 60s and 70s pop and rock. Over the years I have organised and held weekly meetings in English on Venetian history and art, offering the proceeds to art restoration projects carried out by UNESCO in Venice.

I have personally designed the tour I offer in Venice. They are innovative and meticulously planned itineraries, conceived to learn not only about the major monuments of the world's most beautiful city, but to disclose Venice's lesser-known treasures, sometime accessible only by special arrangements.

My tours are different from traditional guided tours: they will be for you an extraordinary and unforgettable experience, to discover Venice both as it was in times past and as it is today.

These walking tours will make you crossing the thresholds of the past centuries and will take you in the history and beauty of Venice and its Lagoon, adding great value to every single step you'll take in Venice.

Languages spoken: Italian, English, Spanish, French

what's up in Venice


Venetian Carnival is an event you can't miss. It means transgression, culture, tradition, art and history.

In the past

Carnival has its roots in Greek and Roman times, to the feasts related to the Cult of the Dionysus and to the Latin Saturnalia, celebrating the end of Winter. In Christianity it became a period of merrymaking before Lent fast.

In Venice Carnival began on Boxing Day, December 26, and reached its climax the day before Ash Wednesday. While it lasted, the law was for more or less held in abeyance: the wearing of masks and disguises abolished social divisions of the duration.


In the last 20 years Carnival in Venice has been re-established and recreates the atmosphere of the glorious past.

Masks have reappeared, and 18th century garments and traditional costumes again mingle with other grotesque disguises. The old custom of giving balls and theatrical shows has been revived, along with an array of ancient Venetian games.

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, Russia, Volgograd, 2009-10-12

I liked very much the excursion which was planned by Cinzia Trevisan. The Doge's Palace it's a real place that should be seen by everyone I think. Its luxury is magnificent and really strikes! The Palace are so...GREAT! Cinzia sowed me all its beauty which was made by the great people of that period. Really, I'm wrtiting now this opinion and don't know how to express what I felt when was there. It's UNREAL!

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