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Global Gourmet: Traveling the World for Fine Food and Wine


Every country has its own food specialties with menus as varied as the location. Recipes are developed for the type of foods that are available locally, giving a traveler an amazing buffet of choices in the restaurants, food markets and wineries all over the world. Whether you consider yourself a gastronome or just someone who loves good food, you’ll be interested in this guide to the goodies that are offered in some of the world’s top gourmet travel destinations.

French food



To quote Julia Child, “In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.” French chefs are gifted with creativity, and the traveling gourmet will feel as if he’s made it to heaven when tasting the marvelous food in this country. Don’t miss the boeuf bourguignon or coq au vin, and for dessert you have to try crème brulee. Known for fine wine, France offers extraordinary Bourdeaux, Champagne, and Chardonnay.




China food


Experience the pleasure of flavor in the Orient with traditional Chinese recipes that have been developed over centuries of masterful cooking. Try the kung pao chicken and longevity noodles, have some Sticky Rice Cake and yellow wine.




Italy food 



Nothing can be more mouthwatering than the aroma of basil, oregano and tomato bubbling on the stove. Learn to cook Italian food and you will always be a happy gourmand. Visit Italy for pasta and pesto, gnocchi and prosciutto, amazing wine and tiramisu.



Thailand food



Thai food is a complex blend of spiciness and flavors that brings sensual delight to the table. Known for a balance of sweet and sour, salty and bitter, this delectable cuisine includes fragrant herbs, tasty vegetables and decadent desserts.



Spain food



A passionate people whose cuisine is as sultry and steamy as their summer nights, Spanish cooks are creative in their menus. Try the cochinillo asado (roast suckling pig) and paella. Everything is flavorful, tender and juicy.




Japan food



The adventurous gastronome traveling to Japan can look forward to a unique dining experience. Try exotic delicacies such as shirako or stewed grasshopper with your traditional sushi and rice.



Carribean food



Food as delightful as the sun, sand and sea, Caribbean cuisine is fascinating and fun. From spectacular seafood dishes like coconut shrimp and pan-seared mahi-mahi to tropical drinks and pineapple upside down cake, every bite is a mouthful of heaven.



Article author: Cathy Jones

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