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Isabelle - Private Guide in Paris

Private Guide in Paris
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Languages: French, English

Planning a visit to Paris, France?

At Private Guides you can find an experienced and certified personal tour guide to lead you through the City of Lights. There is nothing better than having a local who loves sharing a passion for the area. Rather than joining one of the large tour groups where you are just a number, you can take a bike ride through the city with one of our guides, go on walking tours, or even explore the city’s lesser-known locations. Hiring a private guide is like having a knowledgeable friend take the day off to show you his home town. It does not get better than that.

If you or your group is interested in something in particular such as the history, architecture, beautiful sights, gourmet meals and cooking, or simply the best places to enjoy fine wine selections, Private Guides is the place to go. Tour guides registered with us want to make your trip the most memorable possible and often excel in particular areas of interest. They would love to speak with you and schedule a brief 2-hour tour of the Eiffel Tower or other amazing locations. For something longer, enjoy a day-long journey through the wondrous museums, shopping centers, and romantic sights Paris has to offer.

Time is always a concern on holiday. A private guide will eliminate areas that are not of interest to you, plan a route to make the most of your time, and offer recommendations and insights into the best places to take a break or eat. At Private Guides, this upcoming vacation is all about you.

Attractions:Eiffel Tower, Paris, France