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A Gourmet Look: From Land to Sea in Italy

Italy is a food-lover’s delight. With flavorful dishes inland and its many coasts, great restaurants can be found all over Italy, but where should you go? At Private Guides, we are here to help with a wonderful taste of Italy to help guide your coming trip, and your taste buds.

Restaurant: Osteria del Porcellino

With reasonable prices, delicious steaks, and great pastas, you will not go wrong at Osteria del Porcellino. Order a glass of red wine, try the osso bucco, and enjoy the quaint feel of Florence for a memorable experience.

Restaurant: Cocchi

At the Hotel Daniel in Parma, you will not be surprised by the wonderful dishes the chef cooks up. Both the hotel atmosphere and food are equally matched. From prosciutto and parmesan to bollito misto and even the zampone, the meals at Cocchi are flavorful, elegant, and filling.

Restaurant: La Ciau del Tornavento

Marrying a blend of traditional and modern spices, fruits, and vegetables, the flavors will linger in your mouth. Try the pastas and wonderful meats. From lamb to steak and so many more memorable dishes, your taste buds will delight. 

Restaurant: Fuor d’Acqua

An upscale restaurant with fresh seafood quite popular with the locals and touted by Firenze Magazine in the Summer 2012 edition. With a fresh seafood catch coming in each evening, any dish will be mouthwatering, be it lobster, crab, fish, or shrimp. The savory flavors are delightful.

San Pietro, Sardinia
Restaurant: Dau Bobba

On the edge of town, almost hidden, like a gem waiting for your pleasure. With fresh-caught tuna, wonderful desserts, and a delightful local passito to wash it down, you will not find another place like Dau Bobba. While somewhat expensive, the dishes are worth it, and this island’s appeal will keep you coming back for more.

Restaurant: La Madia

Chef Pino Cuttaia and his team draw off his childhood dishes, developing wonderful Sicilian meals from the local catch. Using squid, skate, mullet, tuna, and a variety of other fresh seafood, sauces, and breads made daily, the menu is unmatched. Cuttaia has earned not one but two Michelin stars for his Sicilian culinary feats. This is one you certainly cannot miss.

Restaurant: Acquolina 

For an elegant dining experience with an at-home feel, Acquolina is a treat and Chef Giulio Terrinoni will certainly make you feel like you have gotten the royal treatment. His dishes are superb, cooking with the best flavors and fresh seafood available. From sorbet with oysters to ravioli with raw prawn, it will leave you more than satisfied, but don’t stop there. His Gluttony Circle will tantalize.

So pack well and make sure you bring your appetite. If you are stopping by any of the above cities, be sure to visit these grand restaurants specializing in delightful flavors and foods from both land and sea.

Italian food

Article author: Weston Kincade

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