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Private guides and guided tours in Armenia

Private guides in Armenia

Private Guide in Gyumri

Private Guide in Gyumri - Armen Hovsepyan

(Member Since 2014) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Gyumri Languages: English

My guiding experiences began when I started working with EarthWatch international organization, which documented historic houses of Gyumri. The love towards architecture, history and culture shaped me as a guide and I set to create tours that are unique, interesting and connective to the people of the area that we are touring.

Travel Agency in Yerevan

Travel Agency in Yerevan - Alo Travel Agency

(Member Since 2009) Languages: English

Travel to Armenia with Alo Travel Agency is to discover one of the earliest cultures of the world. Make a pilgrimage to the first Churches of Christianity, travel in this ancient country with a sophisticated...

Private guides in Armenia


Capital: Yerevan
Language: Armenian
Currency: Dram (AMD)


You will be surprised at the history, the scenic views, and the friendly culture of Armenia. Located between Turkey and Azerbaijan, much of the country is situated over a thousand feet above sea level. June through September, Armenia experiences summer and can be very comfortable. If you plan to visit during another time, the country often gets snow in the winter and maintains cooler temperatures, so pack accordingly. 

If you are a fan of wildlife and the outdoors, there are astounding cranes, reptiles, majestic bezoar goats, and Armenian mouflons a plenty. Go hiking, horseback riding, or mountain biking along the Zangezur ridge. You will be astounded by the friendly white weasels that come out to investigate and golden eagles soaring above.  Another great Armenian winter pastime is skiing. The elevation makes this a perfect winter getaway.

For a traditional look at Armenia, we recommend visiting Yerevan and the family castle of the Pahlavouni Princes. While you are there, stop by the church and fortress of Amberd. For insights into the ancient Christian heritage, ask your tour guide about the Echmiadzin Cathedral, the oldest in all of Armenia. Or if science is more of an interest, take a tour to the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory where even the stars are within reach. 

Or visit other cities with UNESCO Heritage sites like Zvartnots temple, an archeological site both elegant and unique. Other places you might enjoy include the ancient Noratus Cemetary outside of Gavar, Ararat Mountain, and the Erebuni Fortress. 

Armenia’s cities are full of culture with museums, galleries, and an unparalleled history, so book your tour today on Private Guides. 

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