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Language: Armenian
Currency: Dram (AMD)

Information about Gyumri

The biggest city in the Republic of Armenia in the center of the Shirak region is Gyumri. Positioned at 1550 meters above sea level the Ghoroba and Cherqez rivers flow through this city making it rich in rare types of herbs and flowers. The city connects by highway with Georgia and Turkey and it has an international airport. The city is home to Russian churches and cemeteries and the architecture is a reflection of 1800’s Russia with some touches of Armenian. 

The best way to explore Gyumri is by foot. Travel around the city center and visit museums, monasteries, churches, government buildings, shops, restaurants and outdoor vendors. Visit the Black Fortress which once protected the Russian Empire from the Ottoman Empire. This fortress is located on a hill so you will get an amazing view of the city. Nearby you will find the Mother Armenia statue. The Kars Museum shows off many archaeological finds from the area.   


The Museum of National Architecture and Urban Life offers some interesting finds as well including a beautifully decorated restaurant with musicians playing duduk. There are many places to stay in Gyumri including bed and breakfasts and a variety of hotels. 

Private Guide in Gyumri

Private Guide in Gyumri - Armen

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My guiding experiences began when I started working with EarthWatch international organization, which documented historic houses of Gyumri. The love towards architecture, history and culture shaped me as a guide and I set to create tours that are unique, interesting and connective to the people of the area that we are touring.

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