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Population: 14,144
Language: French
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Bastogne

Located in the Ardennes Mountain Range, in the province of Luxembourg, is Bastogne. The landscape is composed of rolling countryside, home to woods, meadows and tiny valleys where you will find bison, bilberries and boar. This quaint peaceful land has bubbling hot springs, historic war sites and famous ham.

This town is synonymous with the Battle of the Bulge from world war two in 1944 and houses the Mardesson monument, military cemeteries and battle-field memorials in memory of the U.S. soldiers who died in the battle. The Bastogne Castle is a popular vising site, founded around 880 it’s the largest coherent castle complex in the entire world. Soldiers are stationed at the gate waiting to welcome you. The famous Bastogne Clock is located on the south wall of the Old Town City Hall. It has three main parts that represent the positions of the sun and moon, astronomical details and an hourly show of the Apostles moving sculptures.


Life is simple here and bicycling is a well-used mode of transportation. Accommodations include staying at the La ferme des Bisons where you can wake up to hundreds of bison’s outside your room to a range of hotel options. Beer is boss in Bastogne and La Chouffe strong ale is the town favorite. It’s brewed just twenty-minutes away at Brasserie d’Achouffe. 

Private Guide in Bastogne

Private Guide in Bastogne - Robert Brike

(Member Since 2014) Languages: Dutch, French, English, German

First I have started a training program at Ceria (Anderlecht, near Brussels). The first year, we were with 65 students. At the end of the second and final year,only five students obtained their diploma and I had the chance to finish first. The reason why so many people quit, was simple; the teachers demanded a lot at their students. I had to work for school at least 15 hours a week, by following the traing programs and preparing guided tours. In the mean time, there was the usual full time job as tax inspector at the Belgian Ministry of Finance.

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