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Population: 233,120
Language: French
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Ghent


Ghent is the capital and biggest city in the East Flanders province of Belgium. It was settled in the Middle Ages where the Scheldt and Lys Rivers meet and is currently a busy port and university city. Visitors enjoy the mild weather for year round walking tours and canal boat tours through the ancient city.

Ghent is a beautiful city that shows off its flourishing flower trade throughout the streets and the surrounding countryside, enjoying a flourishing export business. The unique blend of historic elements and a thriving university community provide a wonderful range of experiences for tourists.

Throngs of visitors come every year for the ten-day Ghent Festival, and the I Love Techno in Flanders Expo . Important landmarks include the Saint Bavo Cathedral with the most visited attraction in Ghent - the magnificent polyptych altarpiece, “Adoration of the Mystic Lamb.” Other interesting points are the Belfry, the Cloth Hall and Gravensteen Castle.  


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