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Information about Lalibela

A town in northern Ethiopia famous for its eleven monolithic rock-cut churches is Lalibela. A small town in the Lasta Mountains, it’s one of the holiest cities in Ethiopia and is a center of pilgrimage. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978, the high mountainous landscape dishes out spectacular views. The complex of churches chiseled from volcanic rock are often referred to as ‘the eighth wonder of the world.’ 

With its cobbled streets and old world charm your best bet is to walk to your destinations as there are no taxi’s here. Minibuses are available and you can rent them to drive you around town if walking doesn’t sound appealing. The culture is a bit different here, don’t be surprised to see young girls working while young boys are playing. Lalibela is a friendly town where locals happily greet you. 


For a hotel stay that you will never forget try The Lalibela Hudad, it’s a luxury Eco Lodge located high in the mountains. The adventure begins with getting there as the lodge is only accessible by mule or hiking! The Lalibela Shinbirma Hotel, is a newer facility with hot water, stunning views and WIFI. 

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We set up Tadele Travel to share our knowledge of the country with people keen to experience not only the remarkable landscapes, wildlife and history of Ethiopia, but also the culture, warmth and hospitality of Ethiopians themselves.

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