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Population: 3,000,000
Language: Spanish
Currency: US dollar (USD)

Information about Guatemala

Guatemala is a country that is snuggly situated in Central America and has a tropical climate. It is a destination region that offers a mixture of culture, historical points of interest, and excellent cuisine.  Guatemala City possesses a great number of the nation's libraries and museums that are great places for travelers to visit. 

These include the National Archives, National Library, as well as the Museum of Archeology and Ethnology.  This museum displays a broad assemblage of attention-grabbing Maya artifacts.  Believe it or not, almost every one of the 329 municipalities positioned in the country has its own little museum.   Guatemalan cuisine consists of foods following in the Maya traditions.  Chilies, beans, and corn tend to be the main components. There are also foods that are usually eaten on specific days during the week.  

The Cathedral of Guatemala City, also known as the Metropolitan Cathedral, is the central church of Guatemala City and is located at the Parque Central in the middle of the city.  Its immense assembly integrates baroque as well as classical elements and the altars are ornate and decorative.  Tourists that have exceptional attractions for shopping find themselves in the optimum location. 

Avid shoppers enjoy the huge selection of malls where they are able browse through the various merchandise and pick up mementos of their time spent in Guatemala.  Since Guatemala provides so much to keep everyone entertained during guests’ stays, we respectfully ask that you think about planning your upcoming vacation in this extra special country.

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