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Language: Spanish
Currency: Mexican peso (MXN)

Information about Acapulco

Located in the state of Guerrero in the Tropic of Cancer, two hundred and thirty-eight miles southwest of Mexico City is Acapulco. The city functions as a major sea port for shipments and cruise lines between Panama and San Francisco. Acapulco is the largest city in the state and is Mexico’s largest tourist resort.

Tropical jungles, lagoons, beaches and the Sierra Madre Mountains make Acapulco a top tourist destination. The near perfect tropical temperatures are optimal year-round. In the past Acapulco was a hot spot for Hollywood stars and millionaires. The nightlife has only improved over the years and Acapulco is busting with night clubs, live music, swim-up bars and dance venues.


A main attraction regarding history in Acapulco is the Fuerte de San Diego which served as protection against buccaneers in the days of pirates. Aside from seeing the historic side of Acapulco, there are numerous other things to see and do. Water sports are popular; water skiing, deep sea fishing, diving, sailing and wind surfing. Spectator sports here include; boxing, cliff diving, bullfighting, gold and tennis. Acapulco is an affordable and popular vacation option with numerous first class hotels, high-class restaurants and spectacular night clubs.  

Private Guide in Acapulco

Private Guide in Acapulco - Elvira

(Member Since 2009) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Acapulco Languages: spanish, english, french

I am a tour guide dedicated to make the stay of my customers the most memorable vacations of their lifes, love to create new tours to discover the beauties of my town. And as I like photoghrapy I always try to look for those tours that can provide wonder and colorful sites to take them.

Private Guide in Acapulco

Private Guide in Acapulco - Rudy

(Member Since 2009) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Acapulco Languages: English, French, Spanish

I am a Professional Tour Guide in Acapulco, Mexico. Bonded by The Federal Mexican Government, Friendly, Knowledgeable, Kind And Fun Loving. Doing my Job Well is my Passion.Let me take you under My Wing and...

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