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Language: Dutch
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Arnhem

One of the largest cities in the Netherlands, Arnhem is located on the shores of two rivers, the Nederrijn and the Sint-Jansbeek. The climate in Arnhem is fairly mild year round, but precipitation is quite common, whether rain in summer or snow in winter. Arnhem is also an ancient city, first mentioned in historical documents in the year 893. Even older archeological findings around Arnhem include two firestones from the Stone Age, 70,000 years ago.

There are several interesting places to see during a visit to Arnhem. Just outside the city limits is the Netherlands Open Air Museum, with antique houses and farms from all over the country. Other notable attractions include the Burger Zoo and St. Eusebius Tower of Groote Kerk. Footballs fans enjoy seeing the Gelredome, which is a unique stadium featuring a retractable roof. The city’s Renaissance town hall building is nicknamed “The Devil House” because of its ornamental satyr decorations.