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Language: Dutch
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Gouda

This ancient Dutch village is situated in the western Netherlands, in an area of marshlands along the banks of the Gouwe River. The Van der Goude family built a fortress on the harbor here during the Middle Ages and a settlement grew up around their castle. 

With only about 75,000 inhabitants, Gouda is a small but important city in the Netherlands. It is world renowned for its famous Gouda cheese, which is made in the surrounding area and traded in the traditional Dutch cheese market on Thursdays in the old town center. Gouda is also known for producing candles, smoking pipes and beer.

Notable sights in Gouda include the Gothic 15th century Town Hall, one of the oldest in the Netherlands. Visitors also enjoy seeing the Waag (cheese weigh house), and St. Jans Kerk, which is famous for its stained glass windows and for being the longest church in the Netherlands.

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