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Population: 38,800
Language: English
Currency: Tala

Information about Apia

Located on the central north coast of Upolu, which is Samoa’s second largest island, is Apia. Samoa only recognizes one ‘city’ and Apia is it. It is the largest city in Samoa and it falls within the political district of Tuamasaga. Founded in the 1850’s the site is well known for a naval standoff in 1889 when seven ships from Germany, the United States and Britain refused to leave the harbor when a typhoon was approaching. The men were afraid of losing face or looking weak. Only one British ship made it through, the other boats sunk and an estimated 200 people lost their lives.


Fishing is a popular sport in Apia and The Samoan International Game Fishing Association is located near the port. A yearly international tournament brings in anglers from around the world. Fish in the waters of Apia include: sailfish, yellow fin, trevally and both blue and black marlins. Many charter companies are located here to assist with fishing adventures. The beach in Apia isn’t a great place to swim as it mostly consists of coral gravel. Be safe and ask around before taking a dip or before going snorkeling.