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Language: Slovak
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Puchov

Puchov is a fantastic vacation spot to contemplate visiting on your next excursion.    Púchov is a manufacturing town in the core of Púchov District in Slovakia.  The Slovak climate falls between temperate and continental climate zones with fairly warm summers and cold, cloudy, humid winters.  There have been excavations in the region that show evidence of settlements as far back as the early Stone Age all the way up to the Roman period.  

I the late 1800s an Austrian Army commissioned officer, also amateur archaeologist, named baron Emil Friedrich Johannes Hoenning O` Carroll led an exploration of Púchovská Skala.   The discovery of two bronze swords during this investigation clarified the town`s ancient history. His findings later contributed to the source of the formal archaeological name, Púchov culture. Besides from the historical information that Puchov offers, there are activities that also attract tourists to the city.  For example, the Alexandra Hotel in Puchov features a trendy spa and fitness area as well as contemporary rooms and flat-screen satellite TV.    

Internet and parking are available at no charge.   All of the rooms and suites all have balconies and are adorned in lively pastel tones and furnished with minibars.   The spa area has two saunas, a steam bath, Jacuzzi, and Scottish Douches.  Relaxing massages are offered to further increase the comfort and relaxation of guests.  There is an excellent restaurant, a bowling alley and even a bar in the Alexandra Hotel.   Lednicky Castle and Destna Ski Resort are easily accessible from the city.

Private Guide in Puchov

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