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Language: Swiss German
Currency: Swiss franc (CHF)

Information about Lugano

A city in southern Switzerland bordering Italy is Lugano. Often referred to as ‘The Monte Carlo of Switzerland’ due to the number of celebrities, entertainers and professional athletes that visit. The city is located on Lake Lugano and is surrounded by the mountain of the Lugano Prealps. There are over fifty swimming establishments along the shore and many water taxis, boat rentals, shipyards, hotels and restaurants.

There are two mountains in Lugano that make exceptional sightseeing stops; Monte Bre and Monte San Salvatore. You can view the entire city and the lake from the top  . For something different stop at the Museum of Swiss Customs. Here you can learn about smuggling, drug searches, prevention of trade in endangered species and how the customs profession has evolved over the years. Visit the Mario Bernasconi Museum to see a collection of artwork by sculptor Mario Barnasconi and his wife the painter, Irma Bernasconi Pannes.


There are many fine dining options available in Lugano. Some traditional favorite foods are: Minestrone soup, polenta, salmi of rabbit, marinated fish and bread cake. After your meal you can enjoy discos, casinos, a piano bar, movie theaters and themed clubs. 

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