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Language: Swiss German
Currency: Swiss franc (CHF)

Information about Montreux

A municipality in the district of Riviera-Pays-d’Enhaut in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland is Montreux. It’s located on Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps. With an exceptionally mild climate it’s often referred to as the capital of the Vaud Riviera. Famous people such as Charlie Chaplin and Freddie Mercury called Montreux home and many other famous people continue to live in and vacation in this wonderland. 

Visit the museum railway of Blonay-Chamby to see operational steam locomotives, electric locomotives, electric railcars, tram carriages, freight cars and company vehicles. Take a tour by steam locomotive in a historic railway carriage and see the amazing landscape. If you are a Queen music fan, Queen: The Studio Experience is a must see! This unique museum is dedicated to fans and it’s located where the group’s most successful albums were made. 

When it’s time to eat, pull up a chair at a restaurant owned and operated by Denis Martain, virtuoso chef. This award winning restaurant will serve you 26 courses of food, a meal you will never forget! At the Palais Oriental restaurant, the house specialty is Iranian caviar. This Moroccan designed restaurant is a masterpiece of ambience and artistic elements. 

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