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Portugal : Tours and Excursion

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Portugal is a fabulous country to visit when planning a vacation, especially when guests know the optimum places to see.  Why not take an excursion in Portugal with one of our knowledgeable private guides.

There are an abundance of tours in Portugal that a personal guide offers.  View a beautiful area of Portugal with a guide in Portugal such as Jardim Botanico Tropical de Lisboa. Many tourists are attracted to the scenic Castle of the Moors located in Sintra. This is a fortress within gigantic boulders and cliffs that offer visitors stunning views that reach out all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.  There are a countless number of additional awesome landmarks for sight-seeing in Portugal such as Menhir do Outeiro in Evora, Belém Tower in Lisbon, Portas da Cidade de Ponta Delgada in Ponta Delgada, Porto Cathedral in the city of Porto, Almendres Cromlech in Evora,  and Casa da Pergola in Cascais.  Guests who are looking to have fun in the sun are drawn to Praia Do Guincho, a marvelous beach in Lisbon.  

Trekkers are certain to have fabulous memories after taking their vacation destinations in Portugal.  This is a splendid country that has something sure to please everyone. 

Portugal: Private tours and Excursions. Hurry up and book a tour with a discount.

Portugal: Tour Guides

  • Tour Guide in Lisbon
    Tour Guide in Lisbon - Paulo Coelho
    Greetings from Lisbon, Portugal! I am Paulo Coelho and I work as a private guide in Lisbon. I really like my job and think that Lisbon is one of the most beauti
  • Tour Guide in Porto
    Tour Guide in Porto - Sérgio Marques
    Fold n'Visit  is a specialized city tours and bicycle rentals company which operates in the distric of Porto, located in the North of Portugal. Our idea an
  • Tour Guide in Ponta Delgada
    Tour Guide in Ponta Delgada - The Azores Private Guide
    The tour guides in Ponta Delgada, Portugal, are both friendly and festive, a reflection of the decadent culture and traditions within the country. On your next
  • Tour Guide in Lisbon
    Tour Guide in Lisbon - Samuel Passos
    Samuel is an authentic mountain lover. It's not only when it is in the mountain that his eyes shine, just talk about the mountains, and he begins to "heat ", sh
  • Tour Guide in Lisbon
    Tour Guide in Lisbon - Pedro B.
    Professional Historical Guide for National Geopraphic and Smithsonian Tours.   Minimum 3 days Tour, pre notice for preparatioon 3-4 months, Daily
  • Tour Guide in Lisbon
    Tour Guide in Lisbon - Olga E.
    Hello! My name is Olga, I am portuguese tour guide, with a license Nº 4597 and a member of the National Portuguese Guide´s Syndicate. In 2011 I
  • Tour Guide in Lisbon
    Tour Guide in Lisbon - Nuno Oliveira
    Greetings from Lisbon, Portugal! I am Nuno Oliveira and I work as a private guide ( English, Spanish, French and Portuguese) in Lisbon. I organize and provide V
  • Tour Guide in Lisbon
    Tour Guide in Lisbon - Carla C.
    Dear Portugal travellers! I`m Carla Carita and I am a Offical Guide and Driver based in Lisbon since 2001. My experience and love of Portugal, allows me th
  • Tour Guide in Lisbon
    Tour Guide in Lisbon - Joao Gomes Filipe
    Greetings from Portugal! First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Joao Gomes Filipe and I have been working as a professional private guide in Lisbon fo
  • Tour Guide in Evora
    Tour Guide in Evora - Libanio M.
    I was born in Evora, a world heritage city, and soon the passion for history grew in my heart. After graduating in History and some years teaching, I decided to
  • Tour Guide in Obidos
    Tour Guide in Obidos - Joao Santos
    I am a National Tour Guide in Portugal ,being fully licensed, registered and insured! I have a college degree in Touristic Information working in the followin
  • Tour Guide in Lisbon
    Tour Guide in Lisbon - Gonzalo
    Born in Sintra, UNESCO World Heritage, only 30min distance from Lisbon, always loved to travel and to show my village to visitors and tourists. As a true and na
  • Tour Guide in Lisbon
    Tour Guide in Lisbon - Jose Soares
    I'm 35 years old born, raised and living in Lisbon. From a very early age I've decided to became a tour guide for the love i have for my country, people and tra
  • Tour Guide in Lisbon
    Tour Guide in Lisbon - Tomas Eisele Meneses
    As a Tour Guide (German, English, Spanish, Portuguese) I organize and provide Guided Tour Services to guests visiting Portugal. I am bilingual and bicultural, G
  • Tour Guide in Lisbon
    Tour Guide in Lisbon - Teresa F.
    I was born and raised in Lisbon, where I live (the best city!). I've taken my tourism course, from 1987 till 1989. Although I've been working since then as a gu

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