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All categories of tours with private guide


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Excursion in Islamabad

Fairy Meadows Tour

Guide: Pamir Tours
Type: Excursion in Islamabad
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Walking tour in Islamabad

Islamabad - Peshawar - Swat Tour

Guide: Pamir Tours
Type: Walking tour in Islamabad
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Vera:  Hello, weŽd like to make a tour in Pakistan in July. We are two persons and we like to see the following places: Islamabad, Besham, Chilas, Fairy Meadows, Gilgit, Karimabad, Baltit Fort and Hoper-Nagar, Duiker and Lahore (last stop). We like to travelaround 14 days. How much is a tour for 2 persons? WeŽre travelling on a LOW budget! Regards Daniel and Vera
suda:  Dear Sir , We would like to early plan our trekkink trip to Baltoro , concordia ,K2 BC & gondogoro pass in Jul or Aug 2011 ( next year ) for 8-10 person. But we plan to trek about 20 days. We will arrive in Day 1 at 22.10 by TG and will depart Day 20 at 23.20 , is it possible ? and how much does it cost ? Best regards, Suda
Tabasim:  Hi, I will be visiting my parents who live in Rawalpindi, flying into Islamabad March 2012. I wish to take a guided tour of cultural/adventure/nature, and wish to pay in local currency (ruppees). can you help? Thanks
Ballegeer:  Hello, my collegue is in need for a personal driver on monday untill friday. Can you help me and do you have an estimated price. This is for a business trip. So no trip through the country!!! regards JP Ballegeer