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Trekking tour in Dushanbe

Peak Mayakovsky

Guide: Pamir Adventure
Type: Trekking tour in Dushanbe
Duration: 21 days
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Maude:  Hi, My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Central Asia this summer and we would really like to fit in a few days of trekking. We'd probably just want to do 3 to 4 nights. We're not mountaineers and we wouldn't want to climb a big peak or anything, just see some of the landscape and enjoy the countryside. Please could you provide me with some information about your guiding services and the sorts of places we could go to. Also prices and whether or not we would need our own equipment. Thanks! Maude
Marcin:  Hi, I have just arrived in Dushanbe and I wil stay here for a month. I'm working here. I will have 2 sundays free and 1 weekend. I would like take some trips outside Dushanbee to see mountains and oher interesting places. My first free sunday is 12.02. Do you organzie a one day and 2 day trips? I,m interested and my 2 collegues. If you organzie such trips how can I get in contact with you? If not can you reccomend me some other guide or travel agency? Best regrds Marcin
Gidon:  Dir Sir or Madam, we are a group of four people (age: 27-30) and plan to travel the Pamirs from Dushanbe to Osh starting Sep 11 for about 8 to 12 days. We would like to spend some time hiking during the trip. We are looking for a guided tour just for us and would like to ask if you can offer us a tour. Do you have an available guide for the time? How much does it cost? Do you have suggestions for the trip? Thank you very much in advance! With best regards Gidon
Barbara:  Good Day, I am interested in A tour of Tajikistan - more cultural sites linked to the ancient history with Persia. The trip would be for 2 citizens of the USA (both over 65 years old - so no adventure tours - more with a certain amount of comfort). We would be coming from Moscow and returning to Moscow. We would both need visa support letters for teh visit. The time would be September for aboy 7-10 days. Please let me know what you could recommend.