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All categories of tours with private guide in Minsk. Belarus. Europe

All categories of tours with private guide


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Excursion in Minsk

Minsk sightseeing tour

Guide: Andrew Kamoska
Type: Excursion in Minsk
Price: 75-100
Duration: 3 hours
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Arts and Crafts tour in Minsk

Dudtki skansen - traditional arts and crafts museum

Guide: Andrew Kamoska
Type: Arts and Crafts tour in Minsk
Price: 149 USD
Duration: 6 hours
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Excursion in Minsk

Pride sightseeing tour

Guide: Valentina Zdonchik
Type: Excursion in Minsk
Price: 50 $
Duration: 2 hours
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Private tour in Minsk

Minsk city tour

Guide: Andrei Burdenkov
Type: Private tour in Minsk
Price: USD 95
Duration: 3 hours
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Ankush:  Hi I am visiting Minsk on 1st or 2nd February 2011 for a day and would like to know how much you charge for a day and requires your service in English. Also would like to tell you that I am looking for children toys and want to know if belarus produces toys and what type because came to kanw that a company named PP Polesie JV Ltd produces good quality toys in Kobrin and their toys are available in the local market or not. also would like to book a hotel so plaese tell me all the details thanks
Risto:  I\\\'m planning a trip to Belarus with my wife in late August. We would like to visit several historical sites around Belarus. Most of them probably could be arranged as a day trips from Minsk, but probably you know better! We think we need a guide for at least for couple of days. For getting around we thought of renting a car. Are you interested in guiding us and what is your daily fee (we cover all expences like the car and eating etc.)
luda:  I am interested in traveling to Belarus this summer. I have lived in America for 20 years so now I want to explore my heritage. I am planning my trip so I was wondering how much would it cost me to hire you as my personal tour guide to show to around town and other major towns. I have relatives that live there, but usually relatives have a life of their own so they don't have much time. How long are your tours usually and cost? Thanks
jack:  I plan to be in Minsk on July 21st for one night. I would like to have somebody pick me up at the airport, take me for a tour of the city in the afternoon and the following morning and drop me off at the airport on the 22nd. Also, a decent hotel would be needed, perhaps a good 3 star quality in a good location in town. It would be 1 person, maximum 2 sharing same room. Please send me a quote for the above, Sincerely,