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Culture and History tour in Sarajevo

Walks and couch sightseeing

Guide: Jadranka Suster
Type: Culture and History tour in Sarajevo
Price: 70-150 Euro
Duration: 2-3 hours
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David:  My wife and I are retired couple in mid 60's. We would like to enquire about personal guides in BH for 2-4 days in March 2011. I am disabled and don't walk more than 1km and have another medical problem that means I need to have access to a toilet quite often. That means bus trips and normal tours are impossible for us together. But despite this we both enjoy travelling and are going to make our personal European "Grand Tour" in Spring 2011, following some of the railway of the Orient Express, with a few diversions, including Bosnia, on the way....Can you help us...? We would particularly like to see local things like festivals, and children performing arts; sports; and just being kids; plus genuine local competitions, (grown-up)soccer matches, and anything that might be fun and that we would remember for a long time. We do not like anything that involves cruelty to animals, but pretty much anything else, even the bizarre, would be good. Please advise prices per day, for driving us around and organization of visit. DRJ.
Veronica:  Hi, I have two ladies interested in the tour to Medjugore. They have their air tickets to Dubrojnik they are arriving on the 31st of May, and they are staying until the 8 th of June. What tour can you offer them? Please let me know as they already have their air tickets but they would like to have a guide in their trip to Medjugore.
Morgan:  Good evening. My husband and I will be in Sarajevo and are interested in a private tour on Tuesday, September 3rd. Are you available? If so, what is the trip duration and price? Also, do you have a description of the tour or should we tell you what we'd be interested in seeing? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.
John:  I am Canadian Tour Operator with Group visiting Sarajevo in March '2013. I will be in Sarajevo on Turs. Sept.13/2012 to meet with Holiday Inn and bus company. I really need an experienced tour guide for my Group...can you meet me for coffee at Hotel Michele on Thurs. Sept.13/2012. Please confirm if you are interested. Thanks