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Culture and History tour in Nicosia

Beautiful and surreal divided Walled Nicosia

Guide: Phivos Ioannides
Type: Culture and History tour in Nicosia
Price: €100
Duration: 4 hours
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Private Guides in Nicosia

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Pamela:  I am visiting Nicosia for business. I may be interested in a private short tour on Friday afternoon. I am staying in a hotel in Nicosia presently, but have reservations at a hotel in Larnaca for Friday night. I should be able to depart Nicosia at about 2 pm on Friday and may be interested in a short tour - perhaps a village tour - for a few hours on Friday - with drop off at Larnaca at the end of the tour. We would have our luggage with us since we would be leaving the Nicosia hotel to stay at the Larnaca hotel. Do you see this as a possiblity - and if so what would be the rate and do you have suggested tour recommendations. There would be 2 or 3 of us on this short excursion. Thank you very much.
James:  Hi there I am the coordinator for a study visit to Cyprus for a group of 8 young people from Belfast who are aged 15 to 18 and 2 staff members. We are in Cyprus to study the division of the country and meet people. We will be in Cyprus from 27 June to 3 July and I would like to arrange a tour guide for my group to show us around Nicosia for a few hours one of the days when we are in Cyprus, espeially pointing out the green line and the division of Nicosia. If you can help let me know if this would be possible and what the cost would be and a day and time that would be possible for you. Thank you
Josephine:  I am arriving in Cyprus on 21 May at 7pm and am leaving on 22 May at 8pm.I have about 24 hours and would like to do a city tour of Nicosia and other parts of Cyprus all day from 9.30am to about 4pm. I am staying at the Hilton Hotel Nicosia with a reservation under my name. Could you arrange for a car and guide and let me know the cost for this. Best wishes josephine
Gabrielle:  Hello! We will be in Cyprus on a ship the COSTA PACIFICA arriving Saturday January 2, 2010 from noon to 6pm. 2 adults; maybe 4 if we get another couple. Are you available for a tour that include Kurium? Please let me know your availability and prices. Thank you, Gabrielle