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September in the Sun: The Maldives


Honeymoon Maldives

The Maldives islands are probably as close to paradise as one can find here on earth, an idyllic location for a completely relaxing retreat. Imagine crystal clear waters, pristine white sand beaches, gently swaying palm trees and a light, refreshing breeze. The lifestyle here in the middle of the warm waters of the Indian Ocean seems to reflect the natural beauty of the surroundings, with a culture as relaxed and pleasant as the waves gently rolling onto sun-drenched beaches. The people of Maldives are friendly and welcoming, inviting visitors from around the world to come and enjoy their island paradise.

This beautiful chain of tiny islands is composed of atolls, rings of live coral reefs and sandbars that are grouped together to form a protective barrier from the wind and waves of the vast ocean waters. These spectacular lagoons are home to thousands of amazing underwater creatures, making the Maldives one of the world’s very finest diving and snorkeling locations. Even amateur divers can experience the thrill of the exotic sea life with all the safari boats and diving excursions from the beautiful Maldive resorts. 

In this group of nearly 1200 islands, only 200 are actually inhabited and of those, 99 are resorts. In the 1970s, not long after gaining independence from Britain, the Maldives began to develop its tourism industry, attracting the world’s most elite hotels and seaside resorts to this tiny corner of paradise. Now these intoxicatingly beautiful islands have become a glorious vacation destination for people from all over the world.

Maldives islands

The Maldives islands are the perfect romantic locale for a honeymoon. Secluded turquoise lagoons and dreamy sunsets create a lovely intimate atmosphere for blossoming love. Your own private bungalow becomes a magical retreat as you enjoy days spent sipping coconut drinks while lounging in the shade of lacy palms, or sun bathing on sparkling white beaches. You can grab a mask and fins and swim a few yards out to the majestic coral reefs, or take a boat ride among the atolls and explore an uninhabited island.

With more of Maldives comprised of water than land, it is no surprise that the majority of recreational activities revolve around the water. With over a thousand species of fish swimming around the reefs, fishing is both recreation and livelihood in this area. Visitors enjoy surf casting, dock fishing and charter boat fishing, while the locals can provide the most delectable oceanic cuisine with the freshest seafood you’ll ever taste. 

The Maldives islands are also a mecca for surfers. The waves here are perfect for surfing, as well as for catamarans, jet skis, parasailing and kite-surfing. Beautiful blue waters and a magical atmosphere make the Maldives a wonderful vacation paradise, in September or any time of year.

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Article author: Cathy Jones

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