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Terrific Vacation Destinations in August!

Are you planning a vacation in the month of August and need a few terrific ideas of where to venture? There are fabulous places that may provide exactly what you are searching for once you explore what they have to offer tourists.   

One destination that is appealing to visit in August is the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya. During this month the Great Migration occurs which is absolutely phenomenal to witness.  Over one million wildlife animals including zebras begin their monumental expedition in unison from Tanzania.  Visitors are able to see this beautiful and amazing wildlife from a safe vantage point and without the distraction and inconvenience of a multitude of other spectators.

 Masai Mara Reserve

Spain’s Costa de la Luz is another destination that is awesome to visit in August. Costa de la Luz is a fabulous spot that has alluring beaches and its renowned refreshing cool winds.  Vejer de la Frontera is a scenic hilltop village that is a bit more city-like, and the bars and museums of Cadiz are quite easily accessible. Tarifa offers spectacular kite surfing, wind surfing and seafood is caught locally.

Vejer de la Frontera

Singapore is ideal in August as tourists can take in an abundance of its outstanding cultural heritage while participating in festivities during a long weekend.  August leads up to the key event on August 9th which is called Singapore’s National Day.  This is a public holiday usually celebrated by military parades, fancy civilian marches, air force fly-bys and presentations of fireworks.  An additional celebration is Hungry Ghost Day.  The Hungry Ghost Festival takes place for a month allowing time for guests to browse around Chinatown.   The Singapore International Festival of Arts presents its six-week program of diversified artistic contributions.  

Singapore’s National Day

Slovenia’s scenic capital Ljubljana is celebrating the 2000th anniversary of its establishment as the Roman settlement of Emona.  The focal happening is ‘Ave, Emona’ occurring August 22nd through August 24th.  Kongresni trg square will rewind to the Roman period with entertainers dressed in costumes.  Onlookers get a virtual feel of the Roman city by witnessing gladiator battles, military parades, craft exhibits and Roman dances.   Tourists are able to savor Roman food as well as beverages purchased at the marketplace and take tours of the Roman areas of the city. Additionally, there is a new feature called the “Time Machine” tour at Ljubljana Castle.  Here, spectators meet actors in costume from six important eras in the history of the city. 

Ave, Emona

A wonderful vacation for people who are partial to a nautical atmosphere is Coastal Maine, USA.  There is scenery galore, seafood restaurants, magnificent lighthouses, seaside towns, and spectacular beaches to relax upon. The Maine Lobster Festival, July 30th through August 3rd, is a lot of fun for tourists to attend. This event is famous for its silly crate race when contestants run across lobster crates that are tied together, floating in the water.   Portland offers modern galleries and fashionable restaurants that are competitive with those in Boston.  Bar Harbor provides nature lovers with whale watching ventures prior to plummeting into the splendors of Acadia National Park with its gigantic sea cliffs and rippling mountain trails.

The Maine Lobster Festival

Kazakhstan is an outstanding travel destination to visit in August.  The weather is superb and vacationers are delighted with breathtaking mountains such as Altai that hikers adore.  Kazakhstan is perfect for camping and a great landmark to explore is Charyn Canyon.  In the ancient capital, Almaty, guests may enjoy coffee or a locally manufactured dessert wine.  Tourists may relax on a beach next to the glorious waters of the Caspian Sea. Astana is also fantastic for a trek with its ultramodern, striking skyline. 

Article author: Lisa DiRosso

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