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Veg Voyages - vegetarian and vegan travel

Do you love to travel but find that your vegetarian lifestyle makes it difficult to enjoy the culinary aspect of your journeys? Well, not anymore! You have found the perfect company that can accommodate your dietary needs.  We offer top-notch tour guides for you and your traveling companions than can lead you to the most wondrous sights in the world while keeping your nutritional way of life intact.  The choices before you are fantastic and vast.

Vegetarian and vegan travel

An awesome vacation destination can be found in Peru. We create personalized tours for individuals as well as groups. On a tour you will experience spectacular, tasty, vegetarian dishes that reflect the meals of particular regions. Meanwhile, we will see to it that you explore the picturesque outdoors and sacred locations that are nothing short of breathtaking. One of these stunning landmarks is Machu Picchu. This incredible wonder is well-known as representative of the Inca civilization and dates all the way back to the 15th century. Sacred Valley of the Incas and Sacsayhuaman is another historical landmark that is a gem to be seen.  It is located in the vicinity of Machu Picchu and embraces the core of the Inca Empire.  On this tour your guide will be fluent in both English and Spanish to accurately convey as much information as possible. 

Veg Voyages

How about an adventure in France? You may do as many or as few activities as you wish while savoring French foods that effortlessly adhere to your diet.  Perhaps a yoga retreat in the mountain ranges of Andalusia suits your individual style perfectly.  How about letting us take you on a trip to the Lavaldieu Vegetarian Farm and Guesthouse where the view from this historical home is landmark, Le Bezu Castle.  This castle provides gorgeous views of Bugarach mountain.  The highest point is referred to as “upside down mountain” due to its structure.  Rennes le Chateau and Pyrenees are also seen from the castle.  Imagine being submerged in history while looking forward to enjoying mouth-watering vegetarian meals throughout your adventures.

Veg Voyages

An exciting journey to Spain may be an idea that interests you.  Perhaps a yoga retreat in the mountain ranges of Andalusia suits your individual style perfectly.  Vegetarian culinary delicacies in this charming region of the world please guests time and time again because of their rich and appealing flavors.

Vegetarian culinary

There are an abundance of phenomenal sites to be visited and treasured around the world without worrying about compromising your vegetarian way of life.  Please contact us when your schedule permits and allow us to provide further information to you. We look forward to speaking with you and helping to arrange a dynamic vacation for you and your traveling companions.

Article author: Lisa DiRosso

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