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World's most exquisite cuisines

For all the food fanatics out there, traveling is essential, if you want to taste everything the world has to offer. That is why we have rounded up the most resounding symphonies of flavor, the most colorful dishes and the tasties bites. Here is your guide to the fascinating, international cuisines.

1. Italian Cuisine

Any Italian meal is divided in several sections: first of all comes antipasto – the appetizer. Then comes primo - pasta or any rice dish. It is immediately followed by secondo – the meat course, and in the end you can treat yourself with dolce – dessert. There are more than 400 kinds of cheese and 300 types of sausages used in Italian cuisine.

2. French Cuisine

If you are a true gourmand and you wish to experience a mouth watering at the sight and smell of a decent dinner you should try French cuisine. French cooking can be both exquisite and simple, but in both cases it’ll be something to kill for! Pastry takes a large part of the French cuisine. Wine and cheese are also favoured by the French. 

3. Indian Cuisine

Indians are people who know how to treat themselves with something tasty. Indian food is extremely delicious and more importantly it is rich in variety so anybody can find something that suits his/her taste. Irrespective of where you find yourself in India, this country can feed you something truly mouth watering. It can be snack, sweets or heavy food. Indian cuisine is famous for excessive use of spices, keep that in mind ordering some exotic dish at a restaurant. Vegetarians will be thrilled at the variety of delights in India, but non-veg delicacies are also available here. 

4. Japanese Cuisine

White rice and soya bean are the most common ingredients in the majority of Japanese dishes. Each season in Japan has some unique food to offer, and the quality of the food is beyond praise. Local varieties of dishes are also worth tasting. 

5. Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine is known and loved all over the world. Usually it doesn’t cost you much money, but at the same time it is very tasty. Most of the items of any dish are prepared in bite sizes. It is worth noting that the Chinese don’t use forks and spoons, instead they have chopsticks. Rice is very common for Chinese cuisine. 

6. Spanish Cuisine

Spanish Cuisine is based on a great variety of dishes made of fish, meat, sea foods and vegetables. If compared to Central and Western European cuisines this one contains the highest amount of oil. Almost any dish in Spain is accompanied by sangria, one of the most popular wines in the country. 

7. Greek Cuisine

Such products as olive oil, vegetable and Mediterranean herbs are typical of Greek Cuisine. Greece is also famous for its tasty soft types of cheese. If you are planning to visit this picturesque country don’t deny yourself the pleasure of having dinner at a restaurant or a home cooked meal at your hosts. 

8. Lebanese Cuisine

Lebanese cuisine is considered to be the best in the whole Middle East. Food in Lebanon is rich in vegetables mixed with meat and delicious flavours. Mezze is one of the most popular dishes here and its fame goes beyond the country’s borders. This dish is favoured for its unique taste, which includes pickles and dips, salads and nibbles and Arabic bread. 

9. Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine offers a wide variety of choice. There’s no other cuisine that uses so many fresh herbs and flavours such as fresh coriander, lemon grass and lime juice. As in Chinese and Japanese cuisine rice occupies and important place in Thai food. If you have in mind to visit this country take note of noodles, shrimp paste and fish sauce, you won’t regret trying these dishes. 

Most exquisite cuisines

Article author: Dana Ellis

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