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You Booked a Lousy Hotel. What Happens Now?

Even the best, most carefully planned vacations in Europe or USA can turn out to be nothing like what travelers had expected.  At times, reality may outshine expectations; however, sometimes what you get is a disappointing reality instead.

One dilemma that can throw a monkey-wrench in plans is discovering a hotel room has only one bed and not two. Perhaps the one bed is single size, making the situation worse.  If you are traveling with someone who you’d rather not share a bed with you have a few options.  One solution to the problem is to ask for another room that contains two beds. Or, you could ask for a cot to be brought into your room.  Finally, you could try to find another hotel that has vacancy.  If none of these choices are possible, then a bunch of comfortable blankets piled on the floor can serve as a makeshift bed. Although not ideal, this temporary sleeping arrangement will do the trick in a pinch.

You Booked a Lousy Hotel

Another problem that can often arise is that the hotel looks absolutely nothing like photos in a brochure or on the internet. Seeing is believing and unfortunately until the time you arrive in person, you didn’t realize how unattractive the establishment actually is.   In this particular scenario switching rooms will not solve anything if the entire hotel looks the same way throughout.  You may have to make the best out of it for one night and try your hardest to book another hotel. You may want to check the cancellation policy.  Keep in mind that if the place is totally unacceptable, especially unsanitary, staying elsewhere should come before financial concerns.

If you find that the bed is hard as a rock and extremely uncomfortable, there is a quick-fix available.  Of course you can ask for another room; however, chances are that all of the beds are standard and will be no more appealing to you.   A solution is to layer the mattress with blankets or even extra pillows to make your sleeping arrangements much more bearable in terms of comfort. 

When staying in an area that you believe is unsafe, there are measures to take that will decrease the chances of anything unfavorable happening to you.  Being out at night alone or traveling with a group, especially intoxicated, is an absolute mistake.  Although this holds true for anyone, it is particularly crucial for women not to place themselves in this type of vulnerable situation.  Instead of walking, opt for a taxi cab and do not wear expensive and/or flashy jewelry that appears to be expensive.  Keep your cell phone in a secure place out of public view.  Always make sure your hotel room is securely locked while inside and out on the town.   If you feel extremely unsafe someplace there is only one smart thing to do:  LEAVE IMMEDIATLEY.

Should you be in a hotel room where the noise levels in other parts of the building or establishments in the immediate vicinity are high, there is an answer:  Earplugs, plain and simple.  Bring these tiny items with you whenever you travel just in case they come in handy.  Should you forget to pack them, cotton balls commonly found at drugstores will do the job if necessary. You can also drown out the unwanted noise by listening to music with headphones.  When it is time to get some solid sleep, earplugs or cotton balls will ensure that you do.

Lastly, if the staff is unaccommodating and rude to a limited degree that you can tolerate, grin and bear it.  If not, then booking a room elsewhere is the preferable solution.  

Article author: Lisa DiRosso

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