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Arts and Crafts tour in Helsinki. Finland. Europe

Arts and Crafts tour

The road to Helsinki will take you further than the regular arts and crafts tour. This beautiful city boasts a diverse culture with lots of handicrafts sold in different bazaars. The museums located here will also delight all arts and crafts lovers.

Arts and Crafts tour in Helsinki

Visual Art Helsinki

Guide: Jussi
Type: Arts and Crafts tour in Helsinki
Price: Depends on tour details
Duration: 4-8 hours
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Martina:  Our top client is coming to Helsinki and I would like to organise very interesting tour for them. It is family with 2 children(5years+8months). They will stay in Helsinki for 1 day. Can you arrange for them tour - drop in from the hotel, city tour + something very interesting for the children + lunch + drop off in the hotel? thank you very much for you quick reply Martina
Lynne:  My husband and I will be in Helsinki on July 6th from 9 to 6pm with the Jewel of the Seas. We would like to organize private services to tour Helsinki and Porvoo. There may be an opportunity to add up to 6 others for this excursion so if you are available, please provide cost for 2, 6 and 8. We are all english speaking only. with best regards, Lynne
Gayle:  I am interested in a private tour for 4 adults,when my boat docks in Helsinki, Finland. We have already been on a city tour of Helsinki so we would like to go out to the countryside and see other sights. Any suggestions. Thank you,
Howard:  My wife and I will be on the Queen Victoria cruise ship arriving in Helsinki on Sunday June 29th at 10 AM and leaving 6 PM that same day could you please provide itineraries and pricing for a private tour for two Thank you