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Boating and Sailing tour in Valletta. Malta. Europe

Boating and Sailing tour

Boating & Sailing Tours to Valletta offers marine beauty at its finest. The metropolitan destination also hosts inshore and deep sea fishing for those who love to take charter tours. Boating and sailing in this country will be a gush of fresh air.

Boating and Sailing tour in Valletta

Malta Tour 1 day

Guide: Tours in Malta
Type: Boating and Sailing tour in Valletta
Price: upon request
Duration: 1 day tour
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Annemarie:  Hello: My name is Annemarie and we booked a holiday this July in Malta. Our holiday house is in Island of malta, Swieqi, St. Julians We are a party of three adults and three kids (a 9 year old, a 10 year old and an 11 year old). We would like to know if we can book a day on a boat (privately for us), a gullet perhaps, that cruises the shore line with a skipper who will also provides the food for us, where we can all go snorkeling etc. We will be in Malta July 27 through August 4th. We have cars available to us, so we can drive to where the boat will be. Do you provide a service like this, and how much a boat rental like this for one day? Looking forward to hearing from you! Yours kindly