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Answers about Argentina

Hi Liz,

Thank you for your message and great to know you can tour Chinese market.

On we search the 'Top 10 supermarket chains' in your country, and those websites are in Spanish.

To plan for the trip and dates we need meet the buyers in those chain, could you organize and list their address and email ?

Alex 2/6/2017
Private Guide in Buenos Aires
LIZ Andrea (Private Guide in Buenos Aires) 2/7/2017:
hi , i tried to say contact me directly by mail with the info of:
days of your arrival
hotel where will you stay
cell contact number to avoid fake requests

search me on line LIZ BUENOS AIRES PRIVATE TOUR GUIDES and you will find my simple blog with email adress
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We are looking for 4 days of trip to for work and businesses.
Please find the contact perosn who handle purchasing of canned food, we are looking to sell fried fish in cans to top 10 supermarket chains, and 3 largest Chinese supermarket wholesaler in the country.

Please attach a list of those contacts to start the trip.

Alex 2/5/2017
Private Guide in Buenos Aires
LIZ Andrea (Private Guide in Buenos Aires) 2/6/2017:
Yes I do tours for chinesse.
I also can offer you the walking and meeting around chinesse markets.
I focus on Buenos Aires.
In case you want to do a tour please letīs agree to coordinate a customized tour and I will be glad to book you.
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my name is Daniela Ibello.
I am a tourist guide in Italy.
I have a licence to work in Naples and as Tour leader in Europe and in the rest of the world.
My boyfriend come from Argentina, from Cordoba and I would like to come and leave there.
I would like to know if there a place where I can attend a course to became guide in Buenos aires and in Cordoba.
Can you send me some links or help me?

Waiting for your kind answer.
Daniela Ibello
Tourist guide in Naples.Italy.
Daniela 6/20/2016
Private Guide in Buenos Aires
LIZ Andrea (Private Guide in Buenos Aires) 6/20/2016:
Hi Daniela. Argentina is divided in 24 provinces in some way. You have a National Tour Guide License that let you guide around the country. That needs according to our law 3 years of studies. I m from the city of Buenos Aires certificated guide. You have to check with Cordoba government how the let you guide or wich things you need to do it. May be some subjects are equivalent but if you guide a local place you need to know the history of the country , the rest of countries related with Argentina and then Cordoba details.
If you need something I will be able to meet with him.
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dick 11/26/2014
Private Guide in Buenos Aires
Natalia Canonico (Private Guide in Buenos Aires) 11/27/2014:
Hello! Yes, I do that.

Private speaking tour guide + car driver US$ 50 american dollars per hour (up to 3 people group. If you are more, we need a minibus, so it's another rate).

Best regards,

I believe that trekking in Patagonia is sure to offer me a unique adventure. Are there hotels in this area and what type of sport is organized? Which is the best season to travel to this destination and can you please suggest me some splendid nearby locations?

Thank you,
Melania 3/4/2011
Private Guide in Buenos Aires
Pablo Piera (Private Guide in Buenos Aires) 3/4/2011:
Hello Melania!

Ay ay! Patagonia is a far from me as Los Angeles from Miami!! I know a little bit so I can tell you that yes it is safe about humans, no wild animals, you have to organize your activities with someone native of the area in order to prevent you get lost or anything. About Splendid I don't know you just can google it, anyway hotels are not a problem there, they are very nice.
I can better help you about Buenos Aires, Kind regards!
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Hello! I am planning a trip to Argentina and I am not fluent in the Spanish language at all. I can say very basic phrases such as hello, how are you, goodbye, and I have a small grasp on how to ask common questions.

Is English popularly spoken in Argentina or will there be a language barrier I have to face?
Jason Price 1/31/2011
Private Guide in Buenos Aires
LIZ Andrea (Private Guide in Buenos Aires) 3/3/2016:
We speak Spanish and not all the people speak english if you want to tour. You can manage to ask but you have to be careful at taxis or wherever as you are a tourist. People are very nice and friendly but you can find some few that can ruin your day.
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Private Guide in Buenos Aires
Baires Exclusive (Private Guide in Buenos Aires) 6/28/2012:
Hi!!! Here in Argentina most of the people working in touristic areas like shops and hotels and restaurants have english spoken staff. But could be more difficult to find this language skill in some other areas. I donīt know which places you are going to visit.
Any way, I could say some typical prases you should need to know, just ask again and send a list of what you think will need.
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Private Guide in Buenos Aires
Baires Exclusive (Private Guide in Buenos Aires) 2/3/2011:
Hello Jason, here in Buenos Aires all the people conected in the tourism world is speaking in english. I mean restaurants, shops hotels and obviously tourists guides, specially in tourist areas. Is a fact that taxis and bus drivers do not speak, but with a hand dictionary youīll be okay. Good luck in your stay and donīt hesitate to contact us.
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Angeles (Private Guide) 2/2/2011:
Hello Jason,

I think you won't have any problems. In most restaurants, stores, etc there's always somebody who speaks English (at least the basic words to help you), and in general most young people in Argentina know some English. I think you'll be OK!


Private Guide in Buenos Aires
Pablo Piera (Private Guide in Buenos Aires) 1/31/2011:
Hello Jason!

How are you there? I hope fine! Well, no many taxi or bus drivers speaking english, but with the basic spanish and dictionary you can live, I mean is not to quit travel here due to luck of spanish!

Kind regards,

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