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What is the cost of a three hour walking tour for four adults?
Kay 5/10/2018
Private Guide in Amsterdam
Drs. Kees Kaldenbach (Private Guide in Amsterdam) 5/10/2018:
Hi Kay,

A three hour walking tour is an excellent way to get a taste of the inner city. Choosing the right academically trained guide, you will see architecture in those parts of the inner city that are most beautiful. You will also start to see and understand how Amsterdam was radically different compared to cities elsewhere in Europe (and the USA).
Prices are tailor made, and given by email for a particular date for a particular number of clients. When touring with me, you always have a learned private guide. Thanks. Drs Kees Kaldenbach, art historian.
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I am interested in a private tour, 2 hours in the Rijksmuseum and 2 hours in the Van Gogh museum.
Might this be possible? And what might the cost be please.
Best wishes
Kate 4/17/2016
Private Guide in Amsterdam
Drs. Kees Kaldenbach (Private Guide in Amsterdam) 4/18/2016:
Dear Kate,

A Rijksmuseum visit is possible between 9 AM and 5 PM but the very best scheduling is exactly at 9 AM when I can take you in with my VIP card, hang the coat in the VIP area and be the first in front of the Vermeer paintings. At the normal ticket price. No time slot. Best are the first and last hour.

The Van Gogh is open between 9 AM and 6 PM + on Friday evening to 22 hrs. Best are the first and last hour. We need to buy a ticket on time for a time slot.

Looking forward!
Drs Kees Kaldenbach, Private Art Tours.
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What would the cost be for a tour to see St. Peter's Church in Utrecht, the Prattenburg estate in Rhenen, and the castle in Wijkduurstede? Thanks.

Steve Watson
Steve 3/31/2016
Private Guide in Amsterdam
Drs. Kees Kaldenbach (Private Guide in Amsterdam) 3/31/2016:
Dear Steve,

You must be a fan of architecture to come with these off the beaten path requests.
As for the Pieterskerk Utrecht it is important to find out opening hours. I have very often seen the doors closed. Please correspond with the Wallon Church,
For the Rhenen estate, please visit and then use Google Translate. The same goes for
Good luck and I am willing to guide you there... as and art historian I am also interested in historic architecture.
Best, Drs Kees Kaldenbach.
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Hey I would like to know ur charges to show around the tourist attracted places in Netherlands how many days required to see the main tourist attracted places in netherland
Vinal 8/18/2015
Private Guide in Amsterdam
Lut Van Hove (Private Guide in Amsterdam) 8/18/2015:
Nice that you are interested in a visit to the Netherlands. You would like to see the touristic places. This is possible, but also depends on your interest: history, heritage, architecture, museums, way of life, gastronomy. In general I would say: 1. Amsterdam (1-3 days, if you are interested in museums) 2. south Holland:The Hague and Delft. 3. Windmills, cheese farms and small fishermen villages around the IJsselmeer 4. Delta project (if you are interested in water management 5.east of the Netherlands with national park the High Veluwe and Kroller Muller museum.
The number of days varies between 3 and 8 days.
Price for the guiding services depend on the amount of days. From € 280/day (2 days) to € 230 (from 6 days onward).
I hope this gives an answer to your first questions. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask.
Kind regards,
Lut Van Hove
Dear Kees,

My organization is hosting a summer school on the topic of women and peace-building. The summer school will include about 25 participants from across the world and will take place in the Hague. I am hoping to organize a museum visit or walking tour that links to the topic of women and peace-building - something like the history of women in Dutch society perhaps - in the Hague. I see you are based in Amsterdam but I was wondering if you might have some ideas for this, or if you could perhaps recommend someone you think might be able to do this?
Thanks a lot in advance
Deborah Wright
Deborah 2/19/2015
Private Guide in Amsterdam
Drs. Kees Kaldenbach (Private Guide in Amsterdam) 2/19/2015:
Dear Deborah,

Thanks for your questions.

A museum visit of the Mauritshuis and the Gemeentemuseum (modern art) with 25 persons can only be done properly with the help of a microphone+head phones and by splitting the group into 3 parts (A, B, C, each about 8-9 persons). Groups A B and C will get me consecutively for about 35 minutes at the time. The others may hire an electronic guiding system or walk independently.
In the Mauritshuis I will focus on Vermeer.
In the Gemeentemuseum I will focus on Mondrian.
Does your group have a microphone system?

I have made en in-depth study of Womens History in Amsterdam and can offer you a very good 1 hour lecture in The Hague on that theme. Better even to take a day trip to Amsterdam. Because the Womens History places are far apart there I would like to suggest to make it a bike tour with about 15 stops here and there.
I can manage a group of 25 on the street with my PA system but must warn you of the dangers in biking the streets in Amsterdam.

A bike trip in The Hague would be OK with my PA system. Need to find out which rental has that many bikes available.

Obviously it all depends on the dates. I have many bookings being prepared at the moment.


Drs Kees Kaldenbach, art historian.
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Je me permets de vous contacter pour savoir si vous faites des assistances en gare d'Amsterdam ?
En effet je recherche pour mes groupes français qui viennent à Amsterdam une personne qui les accueille sur le quai de la gare centrale d'Amsterdam et qui les accompagne jusqu'à leur hôtel soit à pied soit en transport en commun.
Faites vous ce genre de prestations ? Si oui quel serait votre tarif en général mes groupes arrivent principalement le samedi.
Quelques fois mes groupes souhaitent des tickets de transports en commun pouvez vous me dire si vous accepteriez d'acheter ces tickets pour eux et moi je vous paye l'assistance plus les tickets ?

Je vous remercie d'avance pour votre réponse

Bien cordialement

sylver tours 10/2/2014
Private Guide in Amsterdam
Lut Van Hove (Private Guide in Amsterdam) 10/2/2014:
Bonjour Emilie,
Merci pour votre demande. Je crains que je ne puisse pas aider. Comme j' habite a l' est du pays (1 heure de train d' Amsterdam), j' accepte normalement des tours de minimum 6 heures.
Si vous voulez un tour de minimum 6 heures, alors c' est possible.
I have only few hours in amsterdam, about half day on 20 april. How much does it cost for the tour ? Bus, train or walking tour is ok for me. I am a asain female student from france.
parin 4/13/2014
Travel guide editor in Amsterdam
Eise Schreuder (Travel guide editor in Amsterdam) 4/15/2014:
Hi there,

Its 35 euro per hour for a private Bike or Walking Tour. I can give you a discount for a half day (four hours). Recommended: a Bike Tour to see the most...
Hello, I am a travel agent who has 2 couples who would like to do a private post-cruise tour. She liked the one HOlland America set up (3 nights but 4 or 5 nights are possible) but doesn't want to go in a large bus. I can set up hotels (must be very upscale) or you can. they arrive in Rotterdam on the "Rotterdam" on 30 June next year. This tour was set up for pre-cruise, so it would be different. I think they would want to do Amsterdam and sights; the the Hague, Delft, Goudean Schoohoven and Kinderdijk and Delftshaven. Something on the order of 3-5 nights and include the tours. Please suggest good hotels that would be convenient. Thank you!
Trudy Allen 9/28/2011
Private Guide in Amsterdam
Hans Noltes (Private Guide in Amsterdam) 11/28/2013:
Dear Sir/madam,

My name is Hans Noltes , I arrange tours in Holland and Belgium
I have a small bus (minibus, maximum 8 pax) and I can arrange this post cruise tour for your clients, My office is not far from the (Amsterdam) cruise terminal, so picking up your clients in Amsterdam will be easy .I have arranged many private tours visiting Delft, Kinderdijk windmills , Gouda , Delfshaven etc It would also be possible to develop an Amsterdam sight seeing programme for your clients
The Delta works tour will be by my minibus.Bruges in Belgium can be visited when going to the Delta works
I also can make reservations for upscale hotels
In the weekend I can send more hotel info
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Private Guide in Amsterdam
Hans Noltes (Private Guide in Amsterdam) 10/3/2011:
Hello Trudy,
Herewith I send you more info on the post cruise tour for two couples
On the day of their arrival in Rotterdam I can pick them up at the cruise terminal by minibus and take them to a Rotterdam hotel ,the Intel hotel has a riverside location and rooms with beautiful views of the river Maas . In the evening it would be possible to go to the waterfront restaurant New York , to have dinner in this building of the former emigration office and Holland America Line office . There is also a good hotel (New York) in the same building.

The first day (July 1) a tour can be made visiting Delfshaven, Delft and the Hague.
The second day (July 2 )it would be possible to visit Gouda (cheese town) and Schoonhoven (Silver town) , departing from the Rotterdam hotel
On the third day (July 3 ) we will leave the Rotterdam hotel to visit the World Heritage monument of Kinderdijk( 19 windmills together) and go north , direction Amsterdam. On our way to Amsterdam we will ride through the so called Green Heart of Holland, alongside riverdikes and cross the river by ferry and see the rural landscape of this part of Holland (below sealevel) , During this tour I will provide information on geographical and historical aspects of Holland, the Dutch struggle against the waters of sea and river , watermanegement in Holand , agriculture , social life etc. and it will be possible to visit a cheese farm on the way to Amsterdam
On the fourth day (July 4) it will be possible to visit Amsterdam , by a guided walking tour or a canal boat tour .The Convent Hotel in Amsterdam will be a good hotel for your clients

I also render taxi services so I can always be at the disposal of your clients if they need transportation.
I am looking forward to hearing from you,
with best regards,

Hans Noltes
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Private Guide in Amsterdam
Hans Noltes (Private Guide in Amsterdam) 10/2/2011:
Hello Trudy

Thank you for your information request
A post cruise tour can be arranged by me on June 30, 2012
I will send you more info next Monday

best regards,

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Private Guide in Amsterdam
Lut Van Hove (Private Guide in Amsterdam) 9/29/2011:
Hi Trudy,
I give you hereby a list with, to my opinion, the most upscale (and also characteristic) hotels in the West of the courntry:

1 Amsterdam:
  - Amstel Hotel
  - Pullitzer hotel (centre, + € 250/nacht)
  - hotel de l’Europe (ongeveer € 300/nacht)
  - Grand Hotel Amrad(Hendrik Kade,€ 180/nacht)
  What to do in Amsterdam?
   -  walking tour in the canal district,Red Light District and the popular 'Jordaan'.
  -  canal boat tour
   -  Anne Frank museum
   -  Stedelijk museum andVan Gogh museum
   -  with nice weather: Vondelpark
- very popular: Albert Cuyp market

2 The Hague/Scheveningen
   -  Hotel Des Indes hotel(€ 150/night)
   -  Kurhaus
   Suggestions for a day out:
   -  Mauritshuis (collection 15-16-17th
century paintings)
   -  Binnenhof, political centre
   -  Community museum (modern art)
   -  The Hague is great for shopping!

Of course, prices are approximate. All the cities and attractins are a 20 minutes to 1 hour drive from The Hague. My advice would be to stay in The Hague and Amsterdam for the nights.

I hope this will help you further for the moment. If you have some questions, let me know.




Private Guide in Amsterdam
Drs. Kees Kaldenbach (Private Guide in Amsterdam) 9/28/2011:
Hi Trudy Allen,

For a client who wants an upmarket post-cruise tour of about 4 days the best choice is a tour guide who has a private car or minibus.
When arriving in Rotterdam, the many windmills of Kinderdijk a bit to the south are a good option as a start and then landing at a centrally located hotel.
Then going north again The Hague the Des Indes Hotel is top of the bill and there are various other a bit less expensive. I can certainly help with that. In Amsterdam the Dylan Hotel, or the Amstel Hotel or a smaller boutique hotel would be perfect.
I feel that these specific guests deserve a made-to measure tour. So after exchanging personal emails and after phone contacts and checking their specific fields of interest a fitting itinerary can be drawn up. So that they will become completely happy.
Drs Kees Kaldenbach, Amsterdam, art historian.
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Private Guide in Amsterdam
Raymond Vandenburg (Private Guide in Amsterdam) 9/28/2011:
Dear Trudy,

Thank you for your enquiry re my private sightseeing tours of Holland.
I'm the owner of PrivateHollandTours and take foreign guests (mainly USA) on private tours throughout the year.
I would be honored to accompany your clients on several day trips.
I have still availability from June 30-July 3 and 4.
I recommend tours of:
- Amsterdam
- Delft & The Hague
- Kinderdijk & Delfshaven
- Gouda, Schoonhoven & Oudewater
For good hotels (recommended by my guests) please visit my Hotel page.
I'm used to book hotels for my guests, with their credit card.
Trannsportation is by minivan (7 seater).
The guide will either be me or my son Leo.
We also pre purcahse admissions tickets for museums to avoid staying in lines.

Please Trudy, do not hesitate to ask any further questions (via my email-address), I'll be happy to answer them.

Kind regards,

Raymond Vandenburg,


I adore flowers. Can you please suggest me some parks to visit. Are parks open all year round? Are there any flower parades organized and during which period of the year are these held?

Madelia 2/25/2011
Private Guide in Amsterdam
Drs. Kees Kaldenbach (Private Guide in Amsterdam) 2/25/2011:
Hi Madelia,

Indeed. Holland is the proverbial flower country in springtime.
Most famous is the Keukenhof garden near Lisse, which is a landscaped park where the flower industry shows veritable seas of spectacular colorful tulips and other great floral items. Limited opening time only in spring, see internet.

A movable feast with 3D flower ornaments on floats (exhibitions in 3D on flat wagons) is taking place only one weekend a year in between Lisse and Haarlem and it is called Bloemencorso. See internet.

All over the Netherlands there are parks with tulips, roses, and the scientific parks are called Hortus Botanicus (Amsterdam, Leiden etc). Specialized botanical parks show trees from all over the world; one is situated in Hilversum.

I would be glad to take you there in my car and give background on the history!

Drs Kees Kaldenbach, Private Art Tours, Amsterdam.
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