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Answers about Switzerland

Hi I want to do the tour to janfrau and titlis.
How much does it cost?

rose 7/21/2016
Private Guide in Zurich
Carmen (Private Guide in Zurich) 7/22/2016:
Dear Rose,
Thank you for contacting me and for your interest in our service.

You plan to make a trip to the Jungfrau Joch and to Mount Titlis and I am happy to come up with a quotation.
We specialize in tailor made chauffeur driven/guided exclusive tours. Our day rate for a modern Mercedes Viano van with personal multi lingual Swiss driver who is at the same time an expereinced guide starts at CHF 1'280.00 depending on the destination and type of program (mileage). Tickets are extra but will be included on request.
We specialize in tour packages of more then one day and we therefore have a booking mode of 2 days in a row minimum in high season.
I hope I could help you with this information and will be happy to come up with a detailed offer should our type of service meet your expectations and shoudl we have availability (we are very good booked!). I guarantee personally for a professional service and personal care on tour.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards
Carmen Aebi
SwissSafari GmbH
Exclusive Touring

I hoe I coudl answer your question and would be happy

Would like to ask if you have private tour with Chinese/Mandarin Speaking guide? I need Chinese guide (in person) instead of audio chinese guides/

And for your private tour is it by private car/van and including pick up and drop-off at hotel?

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Thank you.
MELISSA 2/23/2016
Private Guide in Zurich
Carmen (Private Guide in Zurich) 2/24/2016:
Dear Melissa,

Thank you for contacting me.
Yes, we do have mandarin speaking guides and we would be happy if we could assist you with a tour of one or more days. if you let me the date and more information about the travel plans I will check availability and send you an offer.
I look forward to your answer and gladly remain at your further disposal.

best regards

Carmen Aebi
Exclusive Touring
Greetings! Long term planning - what is the approximate cost of Discovery Switzerland tour? Thank you,
Yury 6/10/2014
Private Guide in Zurich
Carmen (Private Guide in Zurich) 6/11/2014:
Dear Jury,

Thank you for your interest in a tour with SwissSafari.

The rate for the 7-days Discovery Tour will be approximate CHF 11 - 14'000.00 for 2 personsn / CHF 16'000.00 for 4 persons depending on chosen Hotel category and season.
But this tour is only an example - all our tours are tailor made and with pleasure I would like to come up with a personalized tour just for you.

I hope I could answer your question and look forward to your next contact.

Best regards

SwissSafari GmbH
Exclusive Touring Switzerland

May I know how much for hiring a guided tour for 1 hour and we had our own coach
cheryl 5/15/2014
Private Guide in Zurich
Carmen (Private Guide in Zurich) 5/15/2014:
Dear SIr/Madam,
Thank you for yor enquiry.
You need a guide for one hour only. We are a tour company and specialize in chauffeur driven/guided day excursions and tour packages. We don't rent out guides for 1 hour only. You would have to pay the day rate which is CHF 1'180.00 (car/driver/guide).
I apologize that we can not assist and hope you will find a suitable provider.

Best regrads
We have a 5 hour layover at Zurich airport. Looking for an
escorted tour of 2 - 3 hours for 4 people of downtown
Zurich with pick up and drop off at airport plus stop off for
a light lunch. Advise availability and cost.

Thank you
Harold 8/10/2013
Private Guide in Zurich
Carmen (Private Guide in Zurich) 8/13/2013:
Dear Mr Hoffman,

Your party of 4 have a 5 hr layover in Zurich and you would like to use the time to explore Zurich and the surrounds.

I would be happy to put together a program for you if you let me the date of your stay.
Our rates start CHF 1'080.00 from 4 - 8 hrs incl. car and personal driver who is at the same time your experienced guide, airport pick up/drop off included.
Are you interested?
Please contatc me again and give me more details.

Thank you and best regards
Carmen Aebi
SwissSAfari GmbH

Do you offer tours to Lichtenstein?

Yana 4/9/2013
Private Guide in Zurich
Carmen (Private Guide in Zurich) 4/10/2013:
Dear Yena,

Thank you for contacting me and for you rinterest in SwissSafari.
Yes, we make tours to Liechtenstein from some destinations of Switzerland. The rate for a 1 day trip starts at CHF 1380.00 (depending on destination where to start/end and passengers).
If you want to know more please contact me again, I will be happy to work out a program for you.
Best regards
Carmen Aebi
SwissSafari GmbH
To Whom It May Concern:

I'm interested in a private tour of Geneva and I have several questions.

First, I would be flying in just for the day from Amsterdam. Do you pick up and drop off at the airport? If so, what airport and what would be the minimum amount of time that would need to be allowed in order to make the tour worthwhile?

What hours do you operate?

What is the charge for such a tour? Is payment made prior to or on the day of the tour? What types of payment are acceptable? What is your policy on refunds should something out of my control occur, such as a delayed flight? I would be by myself. What services does the tour include and what does it exclude?

I'm sure I'll have more questions, but that's it for now.

I look forward to your response!


Norman Gotwetter
Norman Gotwetter 10/3/2011
Private Guide in Zurich
Carmen (Private Guide in Zurich) 10/4/2011:
Dear Mr Gotwetter

Thank you for your enquiry and your interest in the services of SwissSafari.

You plan to make a trip to Geneva and need a reliable partner who can show you some of the highlights in the region. The Team of SwissSafari would be happy to take you on a tour and to tailor the tour to your desires.
- We offer you a door-to-door transfer service, means we will fetch you at the airport and dropp you off at the airport
- Best airport to arrive would be Geneva if you want to see this region
- Our drivers are at the same time experienced guides (not only limousine service) and we charge day rates. A full day (8 hrs) starts at a rate of CHF 1'180.00 depending on the program. I am happy to work out an offer for you if you are interested.
- Included in our rates is a worked out program driven in a modern car with personal driver/guide, guided city tours, all transfers with SwissSafari, soft drinks in the car, the driver's expences, Fuel, parking fees, mileage and VAT. We are happy to include tickets for mountain trains or admission fees if you like. Your meals and beverages are not included.
- Payment is at booking by wire transfer. We don't accept credit cards or checks.
- Our conditons can be seen on our website and will be sent to you once you have contacted us for an offer. Non refundable is an admission fee of CHF 300.00

I hope I could answer your questions. If you are interested in our service please send me more details and contact me via the booking request on private-guide website.

The SwissSafari Team would be happy to take you on a great day excursion to beautiful Geneva and surrounds.
Thank you and best regards
SwissSafari GmbH

I am very keen on history. What historical remains are there to discover in Zurich? What splendid sightseeing has Zurich to offer to tourists? Can you please mention to me some neighbouring locations which are not to be missed to visit?

Sasha 4/21/2011
Private Guide in Zurich
Carmen (Private Guide in Zurich) 4/28/2011:
Hello Sasha, Thank you for your contact and your interest in Zurich.
If you want to visit Zurich on foot you should not stroll through the old town with the Grossmünster and Fraumüster cathedrals where you find the famous Chagall windows.
Some roman excevations can also be found in the old town such as the biggest clock of Switzerland. Of great interest is also the Niederdorf and the best views of Zurich are from the University area which is accessible from the old town by a funicular.
Nearby destinations of interest which you reach within 1 hr are the city Lucerne, the Rhine falls, the surrounds of Lake Zurich (boat cruise on lake Zurich) and the small town Zug, to mention just some of the destinations.
One of our experienced drivers/guides would be happy to take you around and if you decide for a full day excursion he can even take you into the Alpine scenery of the Alps.
I hope this information is helpful and gladly remain at your further assistance. I would be happy to welcome you in Switzerland.
Best regards
Carmen Aebi
SwissSafari GmbH