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Answers about Turkey

Can i know your rates per day in istanbul
Sareena 12/10/2013
Private Guide in Istanbul
Ali Yalniz (Private Guide in Istanbul) 12/10/2013:
I make private cultural tours for solo travellers, families, groups.
200 USD for 1-2 People + 25 USD per additional.
Duration: 5-6 hours.
Kind regards
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Hi, marry Christmas whens the best time to see turkey?
Ravi 12/23/2011
Private Guide in Istanbul
Serkan Kececi (Private Guide in Istanbul) 12/23/2011:
Dear Navi,
Marry Christmas and happy new year.
Turkey has got lots to offer so anyseason is ok for the visits.
Mostly spring periods people prefer to come to Turkey.Because it is not that hot nor cold.but as i told country has got lots to offer.
If you let us know how many days you want to spent on your next vacation we may suggest the sights and areas.
Looking forwad to hearing from you soon.
Best regards.
Serkan Kececi

I am planning to visit Turkey as to have the opportunity to meet locals, and learn more about traditional events. I would also like to go to Pamukale. Can you please inform me about some interesting sightseeing which is situated near Pamukale and perhaps suggest me some festivals and events in which I am very eager to participate as to learn more about the Turkish culture.

Kind regards,
David 2/16/2011
Private Guide in Istanbul
Emre Onal (Private Guide in Istanbul) 7/2/2011:
Dear David,
From Pamukkale you can visit Aphrodisias and Laodicia Archeological Citys.
10-11 july there will be a festival in pamukkale:
the thermal water festival.


nazım uzun (Private Guide) 2/18/2011:
hı thıs ıs nazım
ı would lıke to show ephesus whıch ıs 70 km away from ızmır and small vıllage called sırınce and ıntroduce some local people there ..
ı m lıvıng ızmır and workıng last ten years as drıver guıde...

Private Guide in Cappadocia
ersin (Private Guide in Cappadocia) 2/16/2011:
Hi David, hope you re fine, the only thing what ı know is the oldest and local culture of Turkey is in its heart Cappadocia , it s gonna be very easy to see the locals even by visiting the region,tourism and the people of this beautiful landscape are together, so if you really want to see the locals, this kind of trip will be the best way to learn more traditions, here ı am Cappadocia/ urgup a local man from here, a real farmer and professional tourist guide Ersin Gorkem. Best wishes

Safiye KABAN (Private Guide) 2/16/2011:
Hi David,

Thanks for your message,Of course, I can help you for your visiting to be a tourist guide in Istanbul. It is located two ancient city near the Pamukkale. Laodicea and Hierapolis. If you want, you can go Ephesus. I am an official tour guide in Istanbul also Turkey.
Best Wishes,

Private Guide in Istanbul
Ozkan Bicer (Private Guide in Istanbul) 2/16/2011:
Well, the best local event to experience would be a traditional wedding but you never know when there is one.. You need to be lucky for that. But you can join the festival there around May. check this out to learn some more info about it.
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