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Answers about Belarus

How safe and welcoming is Minsk for non white. Can I also know your charges per hour, days or night?
Ade 6/14/2018
Private Guide in Minsk
Andrei Burdenkov (Private Guide in Minsk) 6/15/2018:
Minsk is safe day and night. I am unavailable this summer.
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Can you please suggest me interesting spots in Minsk? Which other locations in Belarus offer tourists wonderful sightseeing and how is the weather in Belarus in Summer?

Thank you,
Petra 3/8/2011
Private Guide in Minsk
Valentina Zdonchik (Private Guide in Minsk) 10/24/2011:
Dear Petra,
in November the weather is good. We can discover Belarus by car. Many old churches and small villages.
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Andrei Burdenkov (Private Guide) 7/12/2011:
I would recommend such Minsk sights as Independence Square, the Old Town, Trinity Suburb and the National Library of Belarus. Others like Central Gorky Park or the Botanical Gardens might be good walking venues in summer.
I recommend such out-of-town sights as Stalin Line, Ozertso Museum, Khatyn and Glory Mound.
I am pretty young and I want to experience the nightlife in Belarus especially the clubbing scene. Are there any fairly inexpensive clubs that are safe but pretty fun and tourist friendly?
Pat Moser 1/31/2011
Private Guide in Minsk
Valentina Zdonchik (Private Guide in Minsk) 10/24/2011:
Dear Pat,
most of clubs are not expensive nice service good girls. Minsk is very safe. Come in November
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