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Good evening,
I work for Vumbua Africa and I am in the process of setting up a uk tour for a Kenyan family of 4 hoping to travel to the uk mid April,I was wondering what you would charge if we used yourself for 3 consecutive days? The family have some specific things they would like to do but would need a guide for some activities and a driver/ someone to escort them around the tube system for the full 3 days.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,
Alice Minchin
Vumbua Africa
Alice 10/29/2020
Private Guide in London
Robina (Private Guide in London) 11/4/2020:
Dear Alice
I am now semi-retired from guiding, so I suggest you look at the Driver Guides Association website. Contact a colleague of mine who will be listed there, Anne Mark. Iím sure that she will be able to help you. Anne works as a driver-guide meaning that she can drive the family if they would like a tour outside London. She is equally capable of helping them navigate the tube network. Anne is a qualified Blue Badge tourist guide, so she will help you organise an itinerary for them.
Best wishes
Robina Brown
Driver Guide Tours
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I am really fascinated by the beauty of Cornwall. I love music and I am very keen to listen to good brass bands playing. Can you please inform me if there are any brass band festivals organized in Cornwall and what interesting activities can one do?

Kind regards,
Maria 2/19/2011
Private Guide in London
Robina (Private Guide in London) 2/19/2011:
Brass bands used to be associated with the mines and many of those are now closed. Brass bands still exist in Cornwall and many of them play during the summer months at various festivals. Probably the best place to find out what is going on is the Cornwall
Tourist. If that doesn't produce any results, google 'Brass Bands in Cornwall' and you'll find lots of information on various brass bands in the area.
Cornwall itself has some spectacular scenery, especially the coastline. There are lots of little craggy bays just waiting to be explored. Because of the mild climate there are many wonderful gardens, plus historic houses. You can even try and follow in the steps of King Arthur. It is a fascinating place for a holiday.
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What are some of the best beers native to England that I would be able to taste? I love to drink beer though I have heard that English beer has a very different taste to it. Are there any inexpensive bars that offer a pretty wide variety of beers on tap that I can try?
Asher Ceross 1/31/2011
Anne Mark (Private Guide) 2/4/2011:
Most pubs, if you go in and explain that you are not familiar with English style beer(we call it bitter), will dispense a taster in a glass for you, so you can decide whether you want to order a pint or a half (pint) or try something else. Bitter should be drunk at cellar temperature, not chilled. Why? Because it has a lot of taste and some of that would be lost if it were served too cold. London's remaining bitter brewery is called Fullers, and they do tours there. It is in Chiswick, nearest underground station Turnham Green. Happy drinking!

Private Guide in London
Robina (Private Guide in London) 1/31/2011:
There are lots of breweries across Britain and they all brew their own beers. Some are big chains owning lots of pubs, others are small micro-breweries.
The British beer is called 'BITTER' and is sold as a half pint or pint. The other type of beer is 'LAGER', which is the lighter German style beer. Bitter should be drunk cool, not chilled, otherwise you lose some of the flavour.
Most pubs will have a selection of Bitters and Lagers for sale. The best thing is to go into a pub and ask for their local bitter. Then enjoy!
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