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Is the cost for two passengers the 550 Euro?
Steve 6/2/2018
Private Guide in Brussels
Mike (Private Guide in Brussels) 6/4/2018:
Yes, it should !
Best regards,
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Hi Georges,
thank you for the prompt reply.
The trip will be on 01.-04.10.2015.
01.10. there is only evenings pick up from the airport and a dinner. 04.10. only to bring the group to the airport.
Thanks a lot for your support.
Best regards, Jukka
Jukka 5/4/2015
Private Guide in Bruges
Georges Depoorter (Private Guide in Bruges) 6/15/2015:
Hello Jukka,
I have been looking for a Finnish speaking guide, but with no results.
Maybe you can contact the Finnish Embassy in Brussels, they should know someone?

Greetings and succes,

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Hi Georges,
sorry to bother you but I'm looking for a Finnish Guide for Brussels. If you know anyone talking Finnish would appreciate your reply.
Thanks and regards, Jukka
Jukka 5/3/2015
Private Guide in Bruges
Georges Depoorter (Private Guide in Bruges) 5/4/2015:
Hello Jukka,
I will see if I can find a Finnish speaking guide for you, have you got an idea in what period you plan your visit to Brussels?

Yours sincerely,

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Hello, I am a travel agent in the United States. I am working with the Make A Wish Foundation to help plan a trip for a young man who is very interested in World War II, especially General Patton. I saw the Bastogne Private Guided tour and I think it would be perfect for them. Does this tour depart from Brussels or would they have to get themselves to the area by train? Any additional information would be wonderful. Thank you very much!

Carrie Willard, TravelPlex Travel and Cruise
Carrie 8/29/2013
Private Guide in Brussels
Mike (Private Guide in Brussels) 8/29/2013:
Dear Mrs. Willard,
Thank you very much for your request and interest in my tours.
All my tours are strictly private tours, thus no other person(s) joining.
I use my pesonal Mercedes E car for my tours.
To end the journey, I suggest to visit Gen. Patton's grave at the American Cemetery in Luxembourg.

Please feel free to return with any questions or wishes.

With my kindest regards,

Mike Eyns
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Can you please suggest me the nicest spots in Brussels which are sure a must see? How is the weather in summer in Brussels? Can you suggest me some traditional delicious Belgian cuisine and desert?

Rachel 3/2/2011
Private Guide in Bruges
Georges Depoorter (Private Guide in Bruges) 2/16/2015:
Hello Rachel, from a panoramic point of view, you should of course visit the ATOMIUM, but the Grand Place, with its beautiful Baroque guild houses is a must. If you're interested in art, the Museum of Fine Arts is the place to be, not far from the Grand Place. The weather in summer in Brussels can be pleasant. If you're lucky and it doesn't rain, average high temperatures are 23°C (74°F). Keeping an umbrella close bye is always handy. A Typical Belgian dish is “Mussels with fries”, if you like seafood. On the other hand if you prefer meat, one of the best traditional dishes is “Flemish Stew” prepared with Belgian Beer. And to end your culinary discoveries you must taste the “Chocolate mousse”. That will really make your day! Enjoy your stay! Georges
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