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Answers about Cuba

I want to travel to Cuba primarily for the purpose of photography. Not just landscape, I want to go into the neighborhoods and parts of the city and country where a tourist would not usually go. If someone can assist me, please get in touch. Thank you very much.

Steve Martin
Steve Martin 7/23/2011
Felipe (Private Guide) 12/3/2011:
Dear Steve

You have chosen one of the most photogenic countries in the world, my specialty is showing Cuba from inside i like to call it the under ground i will guide around Cuba, we will make together nice pics its people, cities, cars, landscapes and all you want to find, I'm the right person.

1. what currency must i bring to change into cuban currency
2. can i pay for tours and hotel accommodation with my credit card and which cc is better. Amex, mastercard or visa
3. as a single traveller how safe am i
Gwen Streicher 2/1/2011
Private Guide in Havana
Frank Ferrer (Private Guide in Havana) 3/28/2011:
the euro is by far the best currency to bring to Cuba, though Canadian dollars or pounds are okay.
Yes, you can pay with credit cards for accomodation and at some shops but everywhere they'll take an 11% commission, so cash is recommended. Visa and Mastercard are best. Cards issued by American banks won't be accepted.
Yes, as a whole Cuba is a very safe country and as a single traveller it's completely safe to come.
Best regards, Frank.

Jodie (Private Guide) 2/15/2011:
I just got back from Cuba and Amex is not accepted so dont take that, also interac is not available neither.

Lauro Nuevas Paz (Private Guide) 2/7/2011:
Dear Gwen
1. You can brind to Cuba USD, EUR, cannadian dollars, Mexicain Pesos, japanese yen, and many others. My advice is that you pay in any of these currency and not in USD because the commission to change the USD is 20%. For 1 USD you receive 0,80 CUC and you loose money.
2. You cand pay with credit card not emitted in USA, because the embargo law. If you credit card is supported by a Bank in europe or Canada no problems.
3. Cuba is a country very safe. I assure you that you will not have any trouble in Cuba.
I'm looking to take a vacation that isn't too far from the U.S. so I am considering Cuba. Is Cuba safe for Americans to visit? I know that there is a lot of history between the two countries, both good and bad, and I want to be sure that I am safe and welcome in the country.
Rodney Hickeson 1/31/2011
Lauro Nuevas Paz (Private Guide) 2/7/2011:
Hello Rodney,
Cuba is vey safe country for all the people, specialy with american tourist. The cubans known tha the political problems is with the authorities of USA and not with their citizens. You will be receive a correct and friendly treatment.