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Answers about Ecuador

I have heard that when traveling to Ecuador or anywhere in South America that certain vaccinations such as yellow fever, rabies, and others may be needed. Is this true in order to get into the country or are these just precautionary measures that are taken for tourists who are only staying a short while and then returning home?
Stephon Rose 1/31/2011
Private Guide in Quito
Santiago (Private Guide in Quito) 4/27/2011:
The vaccination is not mandatory to get in the country. Is just a precaution and optional if you want.

Private Guide in Quito
Alejandro (Private Guide in Quito) 1/31/2011:
Telling to you the truth is just precaution coming to south america but not a law, in most of the cases people come taking malaria pills , i havent had a case of those deases yet after 9 years guiding in the jungle.
I hope this info is useful for you