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Answers about France

Hello, how much would a layover tour be for 2 people? Would it be 290euro per person???
SeRita 7/30/2019
Private Guide in Paris
Kafari David (Private Guide in Paris) 7/30/2019:
Bonjour !

It's 290 per tour up to 4 people, not per person :)
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Hi! How is Paris going to be at this time of the year? Will I be waiting in long queues to visit the museums (like Louvre)? Or will Paris streets be relatively empty?
Avantika 10/29/2014
Private Guide in Paris
Charles Pernot (Private Guide in Paris) 10/30/2014:
Hello Avantika!

Thank you for your question.
Paris is very nice at this time of the year.
Not crowded, very quiet and beautiful season ( it's autumn now ).
I'll be glad to be your private guide!
kind regards,
Charles Pernot
I will be cruising on Oceania with a group of 4 people. We will be overnight in Bordeaux on Sept10. We would like a vineyard tour with dinner in a chateau. I cannot find a guide on your list for this area. Do you know anyone who could help us in this area. Thank you Vincenza Zucaro
vincenza zucaro 4/30/2011
Private Guide in Avignon
Alain Lesomptier (Private Guide in Avignon) 5/2/2011:
Bonjour Vincenza.
I don't know personally this company but you can try. On Google.
I saw some group tours for 99 Euros per person for a full day tour to Saint Emilion.
Alain Lesomptier.

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What are some foods that I can try that are only found in France? I love cheese so I do plan to try some traditional French cheese but I am looking for some other types of dishes to try as well. I am pretty open to trying anything I just want to enjoy French cuisine!
Jamie Hildebrone 1/31/2011
DI CRISTO Sylvie (Private Guide) 2/15/2011:
I read your question and as a French citizen, here is my answer:
Each region in France has its own dishes, so if you are in Brittany, you must try the famous Crèpes, if you are in Alsace, you eat the Choucroute, if you stay on the French Riviera, it will be Les farçis niçois, la ratatouille, if you are in Provence, try La Bouillabaisse, and so on.
There are at least 100 different dishes to try in France.
In paris, try la Quiche Lorraine, or any dish which is called "à la parisienne"!
Have a great culinary discovery.

Adeline (Private Guide) 2/1/2011:
You should go to a good french cheese shop. Then try good chocolate, macarons, and go to a good french restaurant. How much can you spend for a meal?
If you want, I can advice you about food during you stay. Kind regards

Our children would like to experience the magical world of Disneyland Paris. So we would like to book a private guide for families with children. What other interesting city sightseeing and fun activities can we experience as a family so that our holiday would truly be a memorable one?

Karl & Anne
Karl & Anne 1/31/2011
Irene Bosvy (Private Guide) 2/1/2011:
Hello from Paris,
My agency is specialized for private children & family tours of Paris. From the MOna Lisa trail at the Louvre, to the drawing in Orsay, and a game at the eiffel tower? .... we can arrange a wonderful tour for your family. Hope to hear from you soon ! Irene .

Private Guide in Aix en Provence
Catherine D`Antuono (Private Guide in Aix en Provence) 2/1/2011:
Dear Karl and Anne,
Thank you for your request.
It would have been a pleasure for me to help you during your trip but I specialize in Provence which is located in the South East of France and I don't operate in Paris and surroundings.
You should ask another guide listed on
Sorry not to be able to help you. I wish you and your children a lovely stay in France.
Best regards,
Catherine D'Antuono

Adeline (Private Guide) 2/1/2011:
Hi Kar and Anne!

You don't need a guide for Disneyland but a driver.
Disneyland Paris is an american attraction. There is nothing related to Paris and french civilisation in this activity.
The tour by car of Paris could be a great activity.
Or visit some private mansions.
How old are your kids? When are you coming to Paris? Where are you from?

Kind regards