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Answers about Georgia

Hey Devi,
May i know the cost please for three days.
shahnaz 5/18/2017
Private Guide in Tbilisi
Devi (Private Guide in Tbilisi) 5/18/2017:
Hello, only for me or including transport, accomodation and meals? Where you want to go?
Hi Devi, we are from Indonesia, a family of five, would like to try something new to a country like Georgia. How would you advise our tour to become unforgettable one. We love horseback riding and hiking. Please advise how to get there

thanks & salam from Indonesia
andoko 8/1/2015
Private Guide in Tbilisi
Devi (Private Guide in Tbilisi) 8/1/2015:
hello, i got your email already, and i answered it, if you would answer all the questions, i would be happy to design exact the tour for you, which will fit you. why me?

Where are some inexpensive and tourist friendly places in Georgia to go skiing and snowboarding? Any resort or location will work we just want to find a place where we can ski as amateurs! We are looking to find inexpensive ski and board rentals as well.
Linda Elliott 1/31/2011
Private Guide in Tbilisi
Levan (Private Guide in Tbilisi) 6/19/2015:
Hello, Linda

There are two great places for skiing and snowboarding.
First one is "Gudauri" resort, which is not far away from the capital of Georgia and the second one is "Bakuriani". Best time is winter, in summer time you should find some other adventures.