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I am a travel agent bringing a group to Berlin ... Do you do group tours for 20
Cathy 3/9/2015
Private Guide in Berlin
John B. Boyle (Private Guide in Berlin) 3/10/2015:
Certainly Cathy - tell me more, much more.

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Hi, can i know what type of tour services you are providing? My intention in this trip is to travel in germany, swiss and france. For germany part, do you only provide tours around berlin or also other cities in germany?

Thank you.
Agnes 12/27/2014
Private Guide in Berlin
John B. Boyle (Private Guide in Berlin) 2/4/2015:
Please accept my abject, groveling apologies for my inordinate delay in replying to your question. This has been due to numerous causes that I have only just overcome. Needless to say it has caused me the loss of clients.

My speciality is Berlin but I have conducted tours elsewhere. These include Oranienburg (for the former Sachsenhausen concentration camp), Potsdam (for the World Heritage site of Sanssouci palace and park) Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Dresden, Munich and the Neuschwanstein castle). I conduct walking tours, using public transport where appropriate. I do not do "drive-bys".

I hope this helps but quite understand if you have made alternative arrangements after such a long delay.

John Boyle
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Is the Octoberfest organized only in Munich? Are there any museums to explore and what other main tourist attractions are there to see in Munich? Are hotels expensive in this city?

Christopher 2/18/2011
Private Guide in Berlin
John B. Boyle (Private Guide in Berlin) 2/18/2011:
Yes the Oktoberfest is a Munich event that takes place in September each year. It is extremely popular and you might find it difficult to book a hotel if you do not do so immediately. The best time to visit is on a weekday in the early afternoon as in the evenings the tables are pre-booked. If you are not seated you will not get served. As for museums and other sights - there are loads of things to see and do. Get a good guide book before you go.
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My friends and I adore German cars so we want to be able to visit the factories while we spend a week in Germany. Is this something that is open to tourists or are there any museums that we can visit in order to learn about the engineering and history behind these cars? Should we stick to staying in Munich or elsewhere to find these sorts of places?
Jordan Cooper 1/31/2011
Marcus Young (Private Guide) 2/9/2011:
Hello Jordan,

I can definetly recommend the following museums all in Southern Germany. I have been to all four and they are exceedingly impressive.

Mercedes Benz Museum
BMW Museum

Porsche Museum

Another Highly interesting museum is this place with hundreds of vehicles (and everything else)

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Private Guide in Berlin
John B. Boyle (Private Guide in Berlin) 2/1/2011:
To visit the factories you should approach the manufacturer direct. They do offer tours of an educational nature but you need to get in early as they are very quickly taken up mostly by schools and colleges. Here in Berlin I know of two museums with extensive collections. In Munich BMW have their own large museum that includes motorcycles.
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