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Hi there,

I am interested to visit the popular parts of iceland and looking for a guide/driver.

However we are looking for something cheap.....

Can I know what are your rates like?

Thank you.
Germaine 6/7/2017
Private Guide in Reykjavik
Gudrun Helga Sigurdardottir (Private Guide in Reykjavik) 6/7/2017:

My rates depend on exactly what you are doing, where you are going and for how long. Please send more information about where you want to go.

However, you are looking for something cheap and the cheapest way for you is to take the local bus and second cheapest is to join the big companies' day tours from Reykjavik.

Best regards
Gudrun Helga
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My wife and I am interested in seeing the active volcano and northern lights and other remote sites. I am a photographer i shoot with both camera and a drone. I have never been to iceland and I am very much looking forward to the experience. what would the cost, time, and weather be at this time of year.
Glenn 10/26/2014
Private Guide in Reykjavik
Stefan Helgi Valsson (Private Guide in Reykjavik) 10/26/2014:

I'm a professional tourist guide in Reykjavik. I have four vehicles but none of them is suitable to drive to the current volcanic eruption or any remote places in winter.

The general rule about the volcano is that it is off limits except to the media. At the moment there is a very high concentration of CO2 which makes it dangerous to go too close. I've seen a drone video of the eruption which looked amazing.

Scenic flights in a fixed wing aircraft from Reykjavik cost about US$ 1500, and a helicopter ride costs about US$ 2500 per person.

As for general touring in winter and northern lights I can help.

Please mail me again if you'd still like to connect with me.

Stefan Helgi Valsson tour guide in Iceland
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Is it safe to travel to Iceland nowadays? I know last year there were problems with a volcano that was erupting and spewing ash. Was this just a random event or is there a certain time during the year that volcanoes are said to be more active and prone to erupting?
Latosha Randell 1/31/2011
Private Guide in Reykjavik
Stefan Helgi Valsson (Private Guide in Reykjavik) 2/16/2011:
Hello Latosha,
It is very safe to travel in Iceland. We do have an eruption once every four to five years on the average but most of them are quite harmless.
The most recent one in Eyjafjallajokull became very famous because the ash from it affected aviation.
If it had not been for the news I would not have known about the eruption except for five days when some ash blew our way (Reykjavik is 80 km / 50 miles from the volcano).
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