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need your guide service for this day Taman safari I have car you just go with guest as a guide from Jakarta to safari park how much your fees for Taman safari guide I will pay your entry fees and lunch
Raintours 5/19/2017
Private Guide in Jakarta
Dori (Private Guide in Jakarta) 5/19/2017:
when will your guest visit taman safari? because I got your message from private guide 10 minutes ago this date 19th may 2017 at 21.00 pm. My english fee is 400.000 rupiah , and My German guide fee is 500.000 rupiah.Thanks
Halo. mau bertanya. sekolah kami ingin membuat tur untuk anak anak smp dan sma. Kalau bisa tur ini juga ada kesempatan utk anak2x menginap di desa, belajar selama 3 hari di sekolah setempat, belajar masak masakan indonesia dan juga ke sawah untuk melihat bagaimana padi di panen dll. apa bisa dibantu? kurang lebih untuk 15-20 anak.
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minarni 7/26/2014
Travel Agency in Jogja
Purwaka (Travel Agency in Jogja) 7/26/2014:
Halo Bapak / Ibu
Terimakasih atas emailnya, sebelum saya kirimkan paket tour mohon diiformasikan untuk periode kapan ? maaf ini untuk siswa sekolah Domestik atau asing ?


When planning my trip to Indonesia I was told that I should visit Jakart but I have read both good and bad things about the city. Is it safe as a single female to walk around during the day and possibly at night without having much to worry about? I have read that crime is a bit high.
Shirley Gray 1/31/2011
Private Guide in Jakarta
Dori (Private Guide in Jakarta) 11/1/2015:
Dear sherly
Don't worry when you walk around jakarta during the day or night lonely. Jakarta is safe place, maximum security from police, because jakarta is capital city and center of indonesia goverment. Too many vital objects in jakarta such parlement building, president palace, famous national museum with valueable collections.
We are indonesian, we are frendly. So ,please , don't worry about jakarta and indonesia. I guarantee. Thanks.

Purwaka (Private Guide) 1/31/2011:
Well... Jakarta is the Capital of Indonesia. So It is very crowded but the condition not so bad as your imagine. By the way if you wanna feel safe and relaks area please come to Jogja.

Muhtar Pannusu (Private Guide) 1/31/2011:
Hi There,
Actually in Jakarta it is safe, if You would like to walk around in Jakarta must be on the day not on the night, and We suggest You just take the small think when You walking around and leave Your value think in the hotel room locked...
If You would like to going around on the night, must to go at Jaksa Street where You can find Tourist Night Place,

Best Regards
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Private Guide in Tangerang
Aris (Private Guide in Tangerang) 1/31/2011:
Hi Sherly.
visiting jakarta is safe. place of interest in Jakarta is Sunda kelapa Harbour, Monas Museum, Antique Market and shopping. if you have more spend days. will be good visit Bandung, krakatau, or nature destination in west Java.
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