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Excursion in Ronda. Spain. Europe


Participate in our wonderful excursions to Ronda. Admire picturesque views, the beauty of its architecture, palaces and cathedrals. Learn about its amazing history, works of art and savor the unique flavors of traditional cuisine.

Excursion in Ronda

Ronda and countryside

Guide: Eva McQueen
Type: Excursion in Ronda
Price: Upon request
Duration: Between 6 and 8 hours, depending on your time
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Customer's Opinions
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LINDA:  We arrive in Sotogrande late on August 27, 2010. We are a party of four. We would like to see Ronda, Gibraltar and whatever else you would suggest to round out our trip. We have golf planned tentatively on Sunday, August 29th, at Valderrama awaiting our tee time. Golf definitely planned on Monday, August 30th, at La Reserva at 11:12 am. We would like to play earlier if it is available. Golf definitely planned at Sotogrande on Wednesday, Sept 1, at 9:42 am We leave from Malaga on Thursday, September 2nd. All other times are available for touring. we would also appreciate recommendations on Andalusian restaurants (tapas and others). Please advise us on your recommendations for our itinerary and what you can provide for us in a private tour and the associated pricing. I look forward to your response. Sincerely,
Eileen:  My husband and I (two seniors)will be in Sevilla from October 16 to the 21st. We will be in Cadiz from October 22 until the 25th. We would like to spend a day in Ronda, but don't know if it is best to get there from Seville or Cadiz. We will not have a car and from what I've been reading the best way to get there from either city is by bus. Please let us know if it is possible for you to be our guide once we get to Ronda. We need advice on how to get there and from which city we depart from. We will not be spending the night in Ronda. Please advise your fee and what we would be seeing. I suppose we have to work around bus schedules. Looking forward to your response.
Dianne:  My friend and I will be staying at Club Delta Mar in Malaga from May 29 through June 5th. We would like to go to Granada, Ronda, Gibraltar and Morocco. What do you offer in the way of day trips and what is the cost. We are both in our 60's. Thank you for any information you can give us. We were looking into a more private, informative and relaxing tour that would offer more time in each city instead of on a bus stopping and picking up passengers.
Nina:  We are a group of 5-6 people on a photographycourse in Mijas Pueblo. We want a daytrip to Ronda, with 3-4 hours stay. We would like to be picked up in Mijas around 10.00. Hopefully the driver will take the most scenic route, with possibly one or two 2 min. stops on the way for picture-taking We prefer the 19th of may if possible Could you please give us a price?